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Flying the Nest
That time of year is upon many families where for the first time many offspring are flying the nest and beginning to make their tentative first steps in the world as an adult. It can be a difficult process trying to organise accommodation for students especially if they are planning to leave their current town or city and make a home in a completely new environment. What are the key things to look out? Which accommodation providers are best to be avoided? All these can be difficult task, but here we look at a few way in which parents and students can sleep easy at night knowing they have chosen the right accommodation.

What Options are available?
Luckily most universities are very accommodating when it comes to helping with information with regards to accommodation for students, many having a dedicated team to help support and guide students into the best options available. The main two questions which have to be asked are whether you are planning to rent privately or rent through the university and the halls of residence schemes they have in place.

Halls of residence
These can be a great option for first year students as they can act as the perfect transition from living at home to living by yourself. With excellent onsite facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, students don’t necessarily have to worry about the condition of the property as they are often inspected and maintained. Usually all fees are included in the price, so theres no need to worry about contacting gas and electricity companies to make payments, something which many students can find daunting when moving away from home for the first time.

With many other students the same age, you won’t have to worry about being lonely as there will always be something going on either organised by housemates or the University.

Private Rent
Many students choose to private rent from the outset as this can give more flexibility to whom and where you live. Living privately can give that true independence many students are looking for when leaving home for the first time. When private renting though other factors have to be considered such as deposits, guarantors, holding fee’s,contracts and who to rent with. Real Estate London UK have a wide portfolio of letting agents who all have to go through the necessary legal check before letting property to students.

With any form of private rent a contract has to be signed and certain criterias must be met during the tenancy and on departure from the property, if these are not met then financial penalties will be incurred.

Like any move, all options have to be considered and depending on personal and financial situation, one form of accommodation may suit better than others. Remember whichever option you go with with will most probably be your home for the next 10 months or so. Choose wisely, consider the area, consider those who will be around you, will it be far to travel to your campus? Moving is a big step in anyone’s life but this move should be considered to be one of the most important moves made.

Author Bio
Stephen is a recent graduate who now works with both families and Universities and providing information to which form of accommodation would be best suited for the individual in question.