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Everyone takes the Internet for granted these days as though it has always been part of life. It hasn’t of course, but few can now imagine life without it. In the UK the Government has stated its aim to get 100% coverage by 2015, yet some are doubtful whether that will be achieved in the more remote areas in that timescale.  The number of people subscribing to broadband is on the rise and there are many packages offering unlimited access trying to attract subscribers. The question is whether there is small print that qualifies the term unlimited. It should mean exactly what it says. If you find that at peak times things slow down, you have the right to ask why, unless the small print includes the fair usage policy that effectively limits the unlimited.

Unlimited Internet Access with Broadband

Unlimited Broadband is the answer

Quality priority

The better the package you buy the better your experience will be. You will be able to download files without it stopping your other activities online if you have a high speed connection.  You need to decide your own priorities of course, balancing cost and quality.

In business you surely place priority on quality. The Internet has become an integral part of running any business with a company’s website the real face that it shows the public. Over recent years the relative cost of broadband has reduced making it affordable to businesses and households alike. One of the beauties of broadband is that it makes the sharing of an Internet connection between multiple computers far more straightforward.


Everyone’s expectations include speed; that adds up to broadband rather than dial up. It is frustrating waiting for something to download; if you are in no hurry and are happy to leave the download and do other things then you may not need an unlimited package. If you just use the Internet infrequently for a few emails and the occasional purchase then a basic package may be enough for you. The vast majority, however, want more.

The benefits of broadband that is unlimited are obvious:

  • There are no restrictions to what you can download
  • You will not experience any marked sign of speed reduction
  • You will not be subject to any fair usage policy in peak hours


The only way to enjoy online games, calls to friends via Skype and download films and music is by getting the best package out there and it is worthwhile doing some research online to find the best. You may have questions to ask of a number of providers and you will be able to do so without being committed to anything. Equally, a quality provider is likely to have a website where everything is explained in detail because it is the main way it can market itself to the consumer. It must make a positive impact on each potential customer.

Unlimited Broadband is top of the range; the best service you can get, but it is always worth reading the small print to ensure that you are getting exactly that.