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There are people for whom throwing “unnecessary” things is a problem. Small “collectors” are lurking in each of us and it rarely happens that we keep something that does not represent absolutely any value. We bring you a list of a few items which need to be thrown away or stored today:


Clothing and Shoes that you haven’t Worn in Last 18 Months

With clothing and shoes is difficult because “we keep it for special occasions”, “waiting for them to become modern again” and a few other crazy reasons why we continue to collect something that we do not need. Take out everything you haven’t worn in last 18 months, rent a storage space like the one Kennards Self Storage offers on the Central Coast and store them or sell to someone. There is a possibility that a person will wear it more than once every three years.

The Old Paint

Almost everyone keeps old paint cans in the attic or in the basement, which is a great solution for a small speck on the wall. But if you haven’t painted the walls in last few years, old cans will not be helpful because the difference in color shade will be too drastic.

Things from the Draw

There is hardly anyone doesn’t have a draw where they put in a variety of things for which they cannot find a better place. Inside are the most common things such as batteries, pins, tape, matches and so on. Throw out everything that you have not used for a long time and fill the drawer with items that you actually need.

Medicines that have Expired Dates

Not only will you get rid of the clutter, but you will also take care of your health. When medication expires, their chemical composition begins to change because of which it might have undesirable side effects. Take your time, check the expiration date and throw everything that has not been bought recently.


There is a better place for your old magazines than your basement or attic. Take them to a paper recycling center or store them at storage place you rented, so the next time you pick up your favorite magazine in your hands it will not be a copy from 2002.

The Old Cables

You probably keep them in a box, but if you really do not need them or there is a duplicate – get rid of them.

DVDs, VHS Tapes, Video Games…

VHS and audio cassettes no longer should have a place in your apartment. Ask yourself when was the last time when something was listened to or reviewed? Besides, are you really going to return back to VHS picture quality after you saw the movie in Blu-Ray quality? Gift everything that collects dust.


Why preserve toys that you keep in a box or those that are half-broken? Do you really need a puzzle that is missing five parts? It is time to get rid of the dolls without limbs and little cars without wheels.

Hopefully these tips will help you get rid of the unnecessary occupation of space today and read more ideas on how to declutter your home here.