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USB Now Available In Cufflinks

Innovations in today’s society continue to surprise people. In the computer world alone, most hardware components get upgraded in a short span of time. Every now and then, you see new versions being introduced in the market.

One computer hardware that is most useful to people these days is the USB flash drive. A USB flash drive has become indispensable for many people, especially those who work or who study. The need to transport data is very important for work or study and a flash drive is very important in doing this function. USB flash drives have become smaller and is now available in a wide range of designs. Would you believe that some innovative people have even incorporated the USB into the cufflinks? And that’s not all because some cufflinks even boast of a Wi-Fi feature.

With this type of modern and multi-functional USB cufflinks, you can bring your important files anywhere with you. It’s ideal for those who work as secret agents because the accessory allows access to vital files when the need arises. And being hidden in the cufflink, who would ever think that you’re carrying vital or top secret information on your wrists?

These USB cufflinks not only act as a medium to store up to 2GB of files because some manufacturers have created them to serve as a mini-router at the same time. When it is plugged into a USB port on a computer with internet connection, it also creates a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing other mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect to the internet as well.

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In some cases, both cufflinks will prove useful to you. While one allows you to share files between two computers, the other you can use to share internet connection. How high tech is that?

This advanced technology in a clothing accessory is perfect if you’re meeting a friend, colleague or business partner and would like to share internet connection. It’s fast, easy and convenient to use because you just need to connect it to your PC any time the need arises and then unplug it to disconnect once you’re done with your task. And you can be sure not to forget it or leave it behind your office or home because you’re wearing it in the first place.

Office workers and people in business should consider investing in a pair of these USB cufflinks today.

Jonathan is a technology writer who likes to write about new inventions that are unique and useful to people. To know more about the USB cufflinks, you may go to www.eCufflinks.com.au.

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