Using Instagram To Create Unique Gift Items

Pictures that you can eat come from a concept that is not entirely new, but the newest incarnation of this confectionery delight comes in the form of delicious chocolate bars that look like vintage Polaroids.

Cocoagraphs are your own creation. You can upload pictures from your PC, import photo collections from sites like Instagram and Hipstamatic, and use them to create original chocolate bars either for yourself or for a gift for someone else. Edible keepsakes like these are a unique expression of memories, of good times well spent, and creating original souvenirs.

Top Shelf Ingredients

The ingredients used in chocolate Cocoagraphs are premium quality, sourced ethically from farmers and distributors in keeping with fair labor practices. As far as taste goes, you won’t find better chocolate for the price. Wholesome, natural ingredients are an important part of the Cocoagraph’s success. When you bite into a Cocoagraph, it becomes immediately apparent that you’re eating a chocolate bar that sets the standard higher than what passes for quality these days in terms of what makes a good candy bar. The edible prints of your photographs layered on the surface of each piece of chocolate are of a high enough resolution to preserve the details of your precious photos.

Make a Statement or Celebrate a Special Occasion

Because all of your ordering is done through a secure online server, you have not only convenience but an assurance of the confidentiality of your personal information. White chocolate, dark chocolate, organic and milk chocolate are all represented in our online ordering system. You can commemorate an important event like an anniversary or historical memorial, using vintage photos that have been digitized. You can use our chocolate as a unique holiday greeting or for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and corporate events. Corporate branding is an important way to get the word out about your business, making Cocoagraphs popular items to be used by sales teams and for distribution at job fairs and trade shows.

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Small Batches Made by Hand

Made to order and created by hand, Cocoagraphs are a tasteful marriage of your user-generated content with some of the best quality ingredients to be found anywhere, which gives each item your unique touch. Chocolate bars that can elicit a delighted response from people who have, perhaps, never heard of these creations before can make a lasting impression through an edible gift like this. Artisan chocolate bars are a rare treat, a confection that can have romantic overtones or can simply be used as a sign of friendship. Sales tactics require the use of original and thoughtful ideas, and chocolate bars bearing your company logo fit the bill perfectly when it comes to improving your marketing technique.

Photography as an Art Form

Chocolate photographs, being perishable items, should be refrigerated if not consumed right away, in order to preserve the freshness of the chocolate, to keep it from melting, and to keep the image intact. Your chocolate is shipped in cool, refrigerated packaging for maximum preservation during transit, ensuring you or the recipient will receive the product in the same condition it left the factory. Some people take up photography purely as a hobby, while others pursue professional avenues for their work. Cocoagraphs are an original and memorable way to showcase your best work, from beautiful scenery to pets and people. Capturing the essence of the seasons, from winter landscapes to summer meadows, takes on a new dimension when layered on top of quality chocolate.


If you’re interested in a few samples, contacting the company directly may bring you some results. You can order any amount you choose, from fewer than ten Cocoagraphs to several dozen or more. Chocolate photographs may be one of the most original ideas in the online confectionery business to emerge in years. You owe it to yourself to try them for yourself.

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