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Despite how visual you know human beings to be, it is no small wonder why so many businesses fail to pay attention to the photographic elements of their online marketing planes, as much as they do the content marketing or copywriting aspect. Perhaps because it is difficult to quantify the effect of a good camera shot and going the extra mile to make sure that Facebook picture doesn’t clash with the chosen Wall background; nonetheless, comparisons do show that the websites and sales of businesses that employ excellent photographs so perform better overall. This is suggested by the fact that the most popular blogging platforms stress the placement of pictures throughout blog posts, because their various powerful metrics show them that there’s a positive response from the consumer when this is done.

If you pause and think about it, it makes sense that – all other things being equal – two similar companies pitching products side-by-side will be judged entirely on the appearance of their product. It isn’t by accidents that companies which have nothing to do with looks have beautiful models pitching their products and services on television – there’s no denying that you respond to them in general. Taking the time to have a professional glamour shot taken for your social media network, or press packet release, will give the interested parties an idea of the level of professionalism that pervades the rest of your business – it’s just the way people think. You can even use it directly as a marketing tool, by having vibrant imagery accompany your webinars or trade show displays to attract more eyes; and then use the content of your product to hold their gazes.

Take an example from the pages of successful real estate and finance blogs, which employ the best, professionally done photographs of the houses they wish to sell to outdo their competitors, who might not have thought that pictures mattered as much as the listed amenities. The reverse is actually true; people won’t take a second look at a dilapidated or fuzzy-looking building – even if it is actually the best deal around. In order to reel your traffic in the first place, presentation matters most; in fact, if you’re particularly committed, you can find clever ways to use the visual imagery to simultaneously get your message across within the initial encounter of your logo. People take you more seriously when you put forth your best foot in your first mutual encounter; you’ve won half the battle in your marketing endeavors if you can only get them to look.

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