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Using pipeline skids is an essential part in protecting the environment while laying pipe anywhere in the world. Many pipe laying jobs are done in very environmentally sensitive areas. Their ecosystems are fragile and the last thing they need is heavy equipment such as cranes and tractors running roughshod over their pristine grounds. Pipeline skids and crane mats were developed to help prevent damage to these wonderful environments.

What are pipeline skids and how do they protect the environment?
When building oil and gas supply lines, lengths of pipes are welded together. A pipeline skid is placed at every joint to help support that joint as the pipeline is being built. Once the pipeline has reached a certain length, the pipeline is lifted and placed in the trench excavated for this pipeline. The use of pipeline skids keeps the pipeline secure and causes the least amount of damage to the environment and provides an extra measure of safety to the worker.

What are crane mats and how are they used?
Crane mats are used in many different locations that have their own set of difficult challenges, usually when pipelines are being built. Some of the ways crane mats are used:
• Crane mats are used to minimize soil erosion. They are the only thing between heavy equipment steel treads and the fragile earth.
• Crane mats make a dangerous work conditions safer. They help prevent heavy equipment like tractors and cranes from slipping and sliding in muddy environments.
• They are used on barges to help stabilize the material being shipped. Many times these are the pipes to be used in construction of the pipeline.
• Crane mats are also used in swampy conditions where there is unstable terrain. They help prevent accidents.

What are pipeline skids and crane mats made of?
Pipeline skids and crane mats are usually made of oak or a hardwood mix. There are also laminate mats when large trucks and equipment have rubber tires.

Crane mats are usually 8”, 10” or 12” thick and can range from 4’ to 40’ long. Widths usually range from 24” to 60” and can be custom built in different widths. Besides oak and a hardwood mix they can also be ordered in Douglas fir.

Pipeline skids and crane mats are a great way to make a safer work environment in the pipeline building business, and an even greater way to help save the environment by minimizing damage to our valuable ecosystem.

Garnett Wood Products manufactures swamp mats, pipeline mats, and other quality wood products. These products are used all over the United States to provide environmental protection from construction sites, logging, pipelines, and other processes that require the use of heavy machinery.