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Using VoIP To Expand Your Business's Presence Without Draining Your WalletIf there’s anything that fashion teaches you is that it is not about how expensive the clothes you are wearing – it’s all about knowing what you are doing with your appearance. This particular insight is essential for businesses; most of the time, the right impression gives you the sale and the wrong one can cost you the deal that could potentially increase your capital.

Unfortunately, people gauge first by appearances to get the bearings of the person they are going to do business with. In the same way, managers gauge the business they are going to transact with the appearance of infrastructure – the business card, the address, the office. And if they’re going to call you first, it’s the orderly and efficient way they get ushered into the receiver of your business phone at your desk.

Though it appears way off, VoIP technology can help your company increase the quality of its image.

Tailor Your Communications Plan

What do you want your employees to be able to do? Being able to call clients on a local business number in Indiana while riding a train in New York for a business presentation? How about asking your coder who works out of his basement in Idaho for the updates you wanted to the company app? Being lean and having that much ability to meet where your clients are and the mobility gives your customers that your business is going places and yet you have the time to call on them.

These are obviously great features and most often than not, the ability to communicate in this fashion costs quite an investment. The good news is that Voice over IP has lessened the cost to do business communications this way. You can rig up your employees with subscription plans with unlimited call rates depending on their needs. A metered plan also helps in budgeting the costs of the subscription. You can also use the apps of the VoIP company and have your employees use them instead of their cellular phone lines. This in turn will translate into savings for you and your colleagues.

Jet Set Without Leaving the Desk

Giving a business card with a New York area code can certainly grab attention at the outset but actually shifting operations and fronting that amount of investment for such a move can cripple your resources. It is for this reason why using VoIP becomes a boon; VoIP providers are able to give you a mix of options. They can help you get digital numbers with the specific state and area codes of your choice. You are literally getting a valid telephone number which contacts can reach you at without having to cost them in national direct dialling fees.

There is also the option of a toll-free number. Having a toll-free number is a major plus in terms as image is concerned – it projects a sizeable impression that your company is able to field operations nationwide.

Digital Operators for Your Gigantic Digital HQ

Getting a VoIP subscription will allow you to use a Virtual PBX. A Virtual PBX is a program that allows you to create an interactive directory assistance system which brings callers to their desired department within your company. You can choose the voice for this simulation, fleshing out the tones of your virtual receptionist. There’s also the script you’re going to give the program which will help in pushing your brand forward whenever the customers trigger a greeting.

Through the judicious use of technology, your company can appear bigger and gain a wider reach well beyond the physical influence it occupies at the moment. Appearances may just be appearances but a brand is never made in a day, it is always about pushing forward and giving substance to a goal or an image.