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Every company, large and small, should create a presence on the internet. With so many users access the internet each day, your products, services, and brand can reach thousands more than local advertising. The problem many companies come across is figuring out the best way to get their site up and running. With so many options out there, it can be a bit confusing to small companies who don’t know the first thing about building a website. However, there are options for those who don’t know web programming languages. Here are a few options that can help get your site built and up without entering any code at all.


Hiring a Web Designer:

We all know the easiest way to get anything done is to have someone else do it for us. There are hundreds of web design firms and freelance designers available for hire. Though this isn’t the cheapest method of getting your website built and online, it is the easiest and in many cases, the best option.


With web design firms and freelance designers, their services may extend the initial build and launch. For instance they may include SEO services, monthly updating, web hosting, and marketing advice. This is ideal for a small company without the time or resources to dedicate to the upkeep the site will require.


Online Templates:

For those who just need a basic site without all the bells and whistles, this may be the best option. Many web hosts offer free web templates that are easy to customize and optimize to give the look and feel your company wants. By choosing a basic template, you can change headers, menus, images, backgrounds, colors, and even fonts in order to create a site that has a personal feel. These hosts may also offer free services for optimizing your site for search engines.


Web Building Software:

If you have a creative side but don’t have a head for writing HTML, PHP, or CSS, then perhaps web building software is the best choice for you. Adobe has launched new software, Muse, which allows amateurs with absolutely no knowledge of programming languages to drag and drop their websites. You can easy create a template for your website, add and change images, and add menu items that are fully functional and user friendly. When you have completed your site, you can upload it to the web host of your choice easily.


Just as easy as it was to create, updating your site is just as easy. Through the template you created you can add content, advertising, and change images and other media without typing a single line of code. With this type of software and a creative mind, the possibilities are endless.


You don’t have to be a web programming guru to create and upload your company’s website. If you are a smaller company looking for a cheaper option that will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of business, consider these methods of getting your site built.


Martin Hines is a Seattle Web Developer and blogger, offering his expertise to those in the web design community.