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Advancements in technology and strategies like the National Export Initiative, or NEI, are bringing to light bonuses found in international expansion, especially within medical billing firms. Taking your business into other countries allows you to grow the customer base and sell wares in new markets. The practice does not come without some challenges, however.  New medical billing startups could also find corporate phone answering to be quite helpful when seeking reprieve from daily office ruckuses.

Learning how to excel at things like importing from Japan to the US is one way to succeed in the international marketplace and combat the effects of a weak US dollar.  Here’s what caveats we must listen to before we expand medical billing management with phone answering services, especially overseas.

Knowing The Pitfalls

There has been a tremendous influx of new billing startups recently, and low upfront costs are just one of the reasons why people are starting their own businesses across the globe. However, just building a website or social media profile is not enough, and too many become discouraged in the low sales department.

One of the most troublesome problems new brands and businesses face is getting enough traction in the beginning to make it worth it to keep going. How can a brand build an active community of support, and the following they need to stay running?  Studying the pitfalls of medical billing management will assist you in expansion overseas.


Keep Credit Card Debt Low

It’s all too easy to run up debt on credit cards when starting your medical billing practice, and some corporate phone answering services overseas can be expensive, too.. One of the joys of these little plastic pals is that we can defer the pain without deferring the gratification. A doctor, for example, will tell you that’s not very wise and plenty of debt counsellors have had to educate troubled clients on this reality. However, credit cards needn’t be a ticket to financial trouble. Used sensibly they can even help you save cash and in most cases are the best way to buy your practice’s supplies.

Keep Savings Protected

The financial market has affected all of us – even if you managed to put some money aside for rainy days, have you ever asked yourself if your savings are really safe in the bank? You see bank robberies and bank failures on the news almost every day, so asking yourself this question is more than normal – after all, it is essential to guard your valuables and your money, as you have worked hard to earn them. Medical practices aren’t immune to savings theft, and when expanding overseas, you must be careful.


Trusting corporate phone answering to handle your affairs would make your life much simpler than before. You get better with experience as there is always an element of risk involved in every kind of investment, especially medical fields.  Medical billing takes practice, HIPAA compliance yet expanding these operations overseas could assist your business in saving money on hiring costs, expanding your investment and helping the marketability of your management firm while building much needed brand recognition.