uTorrent Software Review

uTorrent Software Review

Torrent downloads have been the preferred medium of downloading media and other large files. It trumps direct downloading because it features the option to stop your download at your command or when your computer shuts off, and continues whenever you fire the software up again. This feature is pretty handy for various kinds of situations, and download speeds will reach outrageous heights if you’ve got the right connection.

uTorrent is one such program; it is a cut above all the rest in that it has the smallest file size and features a pretty secure peer-to-peer network. The interface is very simple, there are control tabs on the left panel that let you switch between menu views of the torrents you are currently downloading, torrents that have completed downloading, active torrents and inactive torrents, etc. On the upper left corner of the user interface are the usual File, Option and Help dropdown boxes where you can configure your preferences, add and remove torrents and show or hide certain elements of the user interface.

uTorrent basically lets you download large files piece by piece from “seeders” over a peer-to-peer network. It is the most reliable way to download music, movies and games. The speed at which downloads complete depends greatly on the speed of your internet service provider. However, even users with a 56kb/s connection will still find uTorrent suitable for their download needs because of its continuous download functionality. People can leave their download on overnight by turning on the auto shutdown function on the options tab, check “Shutdown when downloads complete”, and get a good night’s rest knowing that power has not been wasted and the file is ready in the morning. Users are able to keep track of every single download they have ever added into uTorrent and automatically “seed” the content they have completed downloading. That way, they would also help make downloading the same file faster for people on the network.

The peer-to-peer network implies the idea of sharing content each member of the network has downloaded on the online torrent file databases such as isohunt and thepiratebay. To download a file, go to one of the sites just mentioned and search for the file you wish to download. Then download uTorrent from the official site, it shouldn’t take 2 minutes. Then locate the torrent file you downloaded from the database and open it with uTorrent. After that, all you have to do is wait for your download to finish and locate it on the drive you have set your download directory. How fast downloads finish also ultimately depend on the number of seeders and leechers for the torrent file.

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