Valuable .Com Domains Continue To Ebb

Those who had the foresight to buy up exact match .com domains 10 years ago have reaped and continue to reap the benefits to the tune of millions of dollars. Every great .com domain you can possibly think of has either been parked or built out by now, leaving new businesses to bid or look for alternatives.

Once you build out your website, the value is all about what you do with it, how you monetize it, market it and the quality of the content it contains. In that respect, value extends beyond the exact match domain, but the time and monetary investment to do that with other tlds is extensive.

The premium .com domain holds value developed or undeveloped. It captures direct type-in traffic which can either be monetized with a parked page or redirected to any website. The shorter the domain name, the better, value-wise.

Single word domains tend to command millions. There are plenty of valuable two and three word domains, but once you start getting in to four words, the value decreases. Dashes and numerals also lessen a domain’s value. Short domains, even when just random letters,  have sold in the $15,000 range, just because they are easy to remember.

When a Premium .Com Domain Name Makes Sense

Investment: Without question, premium .com domains are great investments. Words commonly used in any language will always be accounted for and when they do become available, there will be type-in traffic to follow.

Business Website: Building a website with a memorable domain, one that includes commonly used words has distinct advantages over resorting to less commonly used words, dashes, and alternative tlds. It takes a significant period of time for any website to attract search engine traffic, but the premium domain comes with existing traffic and exact match keywords which help the url to rank in the search engines. Premium domain names are easier to remember and spell and if a business if new, time still needs to be invested to make a distinct brand name memorable.

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Sometimes a domain owner simply forgets to renew the domain registration and a premium domain name becomes available by default. That’s when you’ll find the best deals, but you’ll have to be vigilant to know when these occasions arise.

If you want to purchase a .com domain that isn’t available, you can acquire a professional appraisal and work with an agent to make an offer.

Despite the fact that premium domains are harder and more expensive to come, we can’t neglect the fact that new products, ideas, etc. are born every day and could lead to future premium domains. Keep an eye on trends, news and inventions and you just may be able to secure the next high value domain.

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