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I have always like to give gifts for any occasion that are luxurious and special. One of the best received shower gifts that I have seen over the years are gold Disney charms for a baby girl. They are made with such intricate detailing that makes them come alive. Besides, the memories that are associated with Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and others bring happiness to both the giver and receiver of the gift.

There are adorable gold Disney charms that commemorate the movie Snow White. One of these is a mini mirror with 14 karat gold surrounding the oval shaped mirror. Both sides of the charm are the same, and it is very beautiful with fancy scrolls engraved on the gold border. Another outstanding charm in the line of gold Disney charms from the same movie is a beautiful song bird. The body of the bird is painted white, and the beak, wings, and feet are covered with 14 karat gold. Blue Swarovski crystal eyes complete the bird.

Many other gold Disney charms can be found online at jewelry websites, department stores, and even at discount stores. They are made in a wide price range and can be found in either solid gold or gold plated pieces. The official Disney website has many very outstanding styles as well.

Choose Modern Baby Bedding Sets for Baby

Another perfect gift for a baby shower can be chosen from modern baby bedding sets. One outstanding line of modern baby bedding sets is organic baby bedding by Coyuchi. The crib sheets and blankets are not like any other baby bedding that the family may already have. It is first of all organic cotton bedding, so the environment has not been harmed in the growing and processing of the material for the sheets and blankets. Also, organic cotton has no chemicals in it that can be harmful to a newborn who spends many hours in the crib napping and sleeping.

Coyuchi organic baby blankets are made of the softest organic cotton. When baby is wrapped in one of these blankets, he will feel just right. They are not overly hot, but they keep the baby snuggled and cozy inside. Some styles have embroidered forest scenes with tiny deer and green fir trees. Other Coyuchi styles have birds, giraffes,or other delightful animals embroidered on them. They look like they have been handmade just for the gift that you need for the baby shower.

Consider a Gift to Pamper the New Mom

Another excellent gift for a new mom is something that will pamper her. This could be a modest bathrobe that can go to the hospital with her when she goes into labor. I received an organic terry cloth robe and matching slippers at my baby shower before my oldest child was born, and I still have it. It is a practical gift, yet it has provided so much comfort for me over the years. I have been warm and cozy and not embarrassed walking the hospital hall in a gown that is open in the back!

I have given robes to friends and relatives a few times, and they were always appreciated. If you don’t want to spend over $100, you may want to give a joint gift with someone else. Find some matching slippers that can also go to the hospital, and the shower gift shouldn’t cost more than $150 or so. You can probably find them for half that amount at a discount store. If you find a robe made from organic cotton, it will be better for mom and baby without the toxic chemicals that are in non-organic fabric. Your friend or family member will have the softest, most comfortable robe you can possibly buy!

Other Ways to Pamper Mom

One of my friends gave me a basket full of personal care products at my baby shower. I was completely surprised. I expected bibs, receiving blankets, and all of the typical shower gifts, but nothing for me! I absolutely loved this gift! It was full of organic products like organic lavender body wash so I could relax for a few minutes while showering, shampoo, lotion, organic baby laundry detergent, and even some nursing pads that my friend had placed at the bottom of the basket. I felt like a queen each time that I used something from my special basket.

Make Life a Little Bit Easier for the New Mom

Another great way to pamper the new mom is by giving her shower gifts that she can enjoy through her child. For example, you and a few friends may be able to get your gifts coordinated so that the mom receives everything that she needs for the baby’s nursery. I have been in on this type of surprise before, and the mom’s husband helped us know what they already had and what they needed. She was registered at a big department store which was also a big help in knowing what theme the couple wanted for the nursery. Some nursery theme possibilities in modern baby bedding sets are a Disney princess theme for a newborn girl, or friendly forest animals for a little boy.

When the shower gifts are matching and coordinated, you are saving the mom from  making a trip to the store to exchange things. Instead, she can concentrate on getting the nursery ready for her baby who will be here before she knows it.  A

Another way to make life a little easier for the new mom is by giving her gifts that will entertain baby. These could be a mobile, a bouncy seat that baby will be happy to sit in for a few minutes, or an activity center. To me, these toys were an opportunity to look at the mail, write a thank you note, or do something else that couldn’t wait to be done.

I know that I also appreciated gifts of toys for when my baby was six or nine months old. Usually babies receive many newborn toys, but they only play with them for a short while. They need “fill in” toys to play with until their first birthday arrives and they receive lots more toys from everyone. I remember how convenient it is to go to my daughter’s or son’s closet and pull out a toy that had been stored up on the shelf, unopened and brand new. Think of blocks or any other toys that are made for a child who is four months to twelve months old.

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