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If you’re ever in South Beach and have the urge of dining in an actor-owned restaurant then you should take some time to visit the Vila Azur. Simply the idea that this venue is owned by a celebrity has attracted thousands of visitors each year. And not to mention, their food is superb and is prepared by some of the finest chefs in South Florida. Let’s look at why you should visit the Villa Azur for your next dining experience.

Design and Experience
As you step into the foyer made from grand marble, you’ll immediately notice creamy drapes and antiques from left to right. If you can imagine European elegance translated into a tropical paradise then you have an idea of what to expect visually from Villa Azur. The ceilings are hand carved and host a variety of moldings that are very appealing to the eye.

There are dozens of professional waiters who are well-fitted and ready to take down your order. The tables are decorated with thick linen, silver, and crystal. There is a steady ambience about this venue that doesn’t attract a lot of noise- which makes it an ideal spot for a romantic getaway with a significant other. And to top it all off, you can make your way into their lush patio which is decorated with leather sofas after you’re done eating.

High Quality Dining Experience
Be prepared to be spoiled with golden bread, tender asparagus, and eggplant mixed with red pepper. You can enjoy a sunny salad or maybe a side of veal medallions. The meals here are considered high quality and can be found in few places besides Villa Azur. For those individuals who like to take the seafood route, you may enjoy a side of thumb-size octopus bites.

And if that isn’t what you’re looking for then try some seared tuna that is dressing with soy dressing and avocado. The point is that you can find almost any kind of food here and you are guaranteed a fresh and hot meal every time. Finally, make sure that you ask about their wine because they offer a huge selection and bottles are easily affordable for about $45 a piece.

Villa Azur is the perfect place to dine out, enjoy the sunset, and spend time with someone special. The outdoor patio is a perfect conclusion to an amazing meal and the truth of the matter is that you’re only spending a fraction of what you would normally spend on high-class dining.

Rebecca L. is a freelance restaurant reviewer and foodie. She wrote this article about South Beach Restaurants.