Vintage Inspired: The Rising Popularity Of Mid-Century Sofa Designs

With the rise in popularity of vintage in everything from clothes to cars, it was only natural that the next big retro thing to take off would be furniture. However, forget about traditionally staid Victorian designs or the oh-so-angular styles of the 1920s and 1930s, the piece of vintage furniture that everyone wants to have in their homes right now is the mid-century sofa.

Mid-century furniture as a whole was a design concept that developed in the mid-twentieth century and came to particular prominence during and after the Second World War. It’s characterised by its simple designs that are utilitarian in many ways but still retain an edge of sheer elegance.

The main features of sofas pertaining to this movement are characteristic light colours and unfussy lines, which were in complete contrast to the incredibly intricate and dark furniture that had gone before it in previous decades of the twentieth century.

The chief exponent of the movement was Alavar Aalto, who set the tone and let others follow his lead. After the Second World War had ended, the focus homed in on the fact that materials for making virtually everything were scarce. So the Mid-Century Movement really took off as the designs utilised anything that was available and was inexpensive, such as plywood and cheaper, newer materials and fabrics that were stain resistant, long lasting and needed little in the way of aftercare or time consuming cleaning.

 The main focus of the mid-century sofa is that it is something for living with as opposed to looking at. It’s designed to be sat on and cherished rather than being something covetable then largely unsuitable for daily life and its rigours. Very often, but not always, the sofas will be in one utilitarian block colour that will fit into whatever other colour schemes you have in your homes. They are also characterised by the fact that they are, compared to many other investments you might make in furniture, very cheap to buy and maintain.

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Spacious and capacious, they are perfect for the rough and tumble of family life yet are still smart enough to be fashionably elegant when needs require. They can easily be dressed up with smart cushions or throws if need be, but ultimately look just at their best when they are allowed to shine as a piece of furniture in their own right. It’s functional and aesthetically pleasing without being a complete style no-no (and there’s not a hint of chintz or fussy lace embroidery in sight).

They’re durable and long lasting despite their relative inexpensiveness. In these current times of austerity, they offer a really fun way to get in on the retro act without having to shell out an absolute fortune for something that might only end up lasting a season or so, before the next big home décor idea takes off! If it’s designer chic for everyday living minus the prohibitive price tag you want, then why not consider a mid-century sofa? It’s got everything to offer and more…

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