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Visiting Japan


Japan is one of the best tourist destination in the world. There are many good places that you need to visit when you are visiting Japan. In this article, you will learn some of those places.

1. Mount Fuji
This is one of most popular places in Japan. Mount Fuji is considered as the highest mountain in Japan. It offers great natural view for those of you who like nature. This place is very popular among tourists visiting Japan. The best time to view this mountain is during winter season. There are many people visiting this place during winter season. The popular hiking routes include Gotemba, Kawaguchiko, and Fujinomiya. If you like doing hiking, this place is definitely your choice. You can catch a bus from Shinjuku station in Tokyo. The bus will take you from Tokyo to this beautiful place in approximately 1-2 hours.

2. Kamakura
Kamakura is considered as the best monument in Japan. It is very close to Tokyo and Yokohama. This place is very popular for the Great Buddha statue in this place. The statue is around 44 feet high and it weighs around 90 tons. UNESCO has already considered this place as one of the World Heritage Sites. You need to visit this place if you want to learn more about the Japan’s history. You can take picture with the popular Great Buddha statue. There are also many other cultural arts offered in this place. You can also try some traditional foods and stuff which are sold by local people at this place.

3. Himeji Castle
This castle is very famous in Japan. It is one of the twelve castles which are still in their original condition. This Himeji castle is known as the “White Heron Castle”. It is located in Himeji. This beautiful castle is located close to Osaka. You need to visit this castle when you visit Osaka, Japan. The castle is surrounded by many beautiful cherry and pine trees. If you like nature things, you need to visit this place because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at this place. Your children will definitely love this place because they can learn many things about the Japan’s history.

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4. Ginza, Tokyo
When you are visiting Tokyo, you need to visit Ginza area. Many people consider Ginza as the Tokyo’s downtown area or Tokyo center. You can find many things at this place. There are many great destinations, such as Japan’s government, the Imperial Palace, beautiful buildings, the Emperor of Japan, and many more. You can also find many shopping centers in this place. If you like shopping, you should visit this place when you are in Japan.

5. Niseko, Japan
Niseko is considered as the best tourist destinations in Japan. It is very popular for its ski resort. There are many people visiting this place because it offers great scenery and unforgettable skiing experiences for the tourists. The Niseko’s resorts are usually located on the Niseko-Annupuri Mountain. You need to visit the three major resorts at this place which are called Grand Hirafu, Annupuri, and Niseko Village. All of them are connected with each other at the peak of the mountain. There are many shuttle buses which connect them together. Enjoy this place with your family during your holiday time. There are hotels, restaurants, bars, and many other interesting places at those resorts.

Those are some of the best tourist destinations in Japan. Try to visit those places if you want to get unforgettable moment during your visit to this country.

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