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Innovation, safety and ingenuity are the hallmarks of Volvo, and have been since the car manufacturer’s creation in 1927. The roots of Volvo began in 1924 at the Swedish ball bearing company, AB SKF. There, engineer Gustaf Larson and sales manager Assar Gabrielsson began their quest to build a passenger car. Three years later, the Volvo ÖV4 car emerged from the production line in Göteborg, Sweden, designed to withstand the region’s extremely cold winters and the country’s harsh roads.

Within months, production of an immediately successful truck line began, solidifying Volvo’s place as a popular motor vehicle manufacturer. Innovation in the company continued, with products branching out to include buses, marine engines, aircraft engines, heavy construction equipment and machinery. The company’s manufacturing lines are some of the best known and respected brands in their industries, including Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, Volvo Penta marine engines and UD Trucks.


Perennially known for their safety, Volvo cars have earned that reputation through a host of ground-breaking safety and engineering developments. Some of the company’s most notable safety innovations include:

  • The introduction of laminated glass, 1944;
  • The first modern three-point seat belt, 1959;
  • The first rear-facing child seat, 1967;
  • The first bulb monitors to indicate the malfunction of important safety lamps, 1973;
  • The first use of oxygen sensors and three-way catalysts in the catalytic converter, 1976;
  • The introduction of cushioned seat belts for children who are beyond child seat requirements, 1978;
  • The introduction of wide-angle rear-view mirrors, 1979 and
  • The development of side impact protection systems, 1991;

In 1999, Ford Motor Company purchased Volvo’s car division and sold it to Geely Automobile in 2010. In spite of its ownership changes, Volvo continues to live up to its reputation as a high-quality car manufacturer. In 2004, the company introduced the use of the Blind Spot Information System, and continues to incorporate some of the world’s most ingenious safety measures, such as pedestrian detection with auto brake, driver alert control and cross traffic alert. Volvo’s car models are frequently selected as “Top Picks” for safety by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and earn five-star safety ratings on EuroNCAP tests.

From sport utility vehicles and wagons to sleek sedans and environmentally friendly hybrid cars, Volvo offers a vehicle to suit every lifestyle. With prices starting at £18,995 for the V40 model and ranging up to £36,865 for the XC90, there is also a Volvo suitable for every budget. With the company’s continued success in safety, reliability, elegance and innovation, Volvo cars available at Volvo Derby remain a smart purchase choice.