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Walleye fisherman and sports anglers share a world all to their own.  It seems to most – that is except for those who fish deep sea fish , that Walleye fish and fishing are where its at.  Add in a day on the water in a remote location in the Northern States in the US or up north in Canada and you’ve got it made no doubt.  Or so most Walleye fisherman will tell you no doubt.

Most Walleye & Canadian Pickerel Are Caught in Deep Waters:
Yet all in all to catch these lively buddies it seems that except in the rarest of circumstances , catching those trophy sized behemoths means fishing deep as opposed to shallow waters. Expert sportsmen and outdoors types will advise you that both the Walleye and their Canadian namesake – Pickerel fish , hug the bottom .  You might well think that the species likes the shallows and shallow water areas – yet this is a common misconception of the inexperienced fisher-person.  Normally these types only come into “the shallows”  at night , or alternatively on heavily overcast or very rainy days.

Most Walleye Fish Caught Are 1 to 3 Pounds.  Fish With Light Tackle to Get a Good Fight:
Walleyes and Walleye fish can get big , up to 9 to 10 pounds ( 4 to 5 kg) , yet most of those caught and landed  are in the 1 to 3 pound range.  Hence set yourself and your fishing trip buddies up with light or “medium” weight tackle.  Fishing light for Walleyes also has the benefit of accentuating and extending the fight with these lively fellows.  Yet its true that some of the brand don’t “fight “ much . Put on lighter tackle ,rather than heavier and you will be rewarded with some proper sport – and as well give the fish on the hook a more fighting chance overall.

Walleyes Are Great Eating Fish:
Walleyes and Pickerel fish are terrific eating fish.  Its personal preference no doubt.  Yet many a Canadian or American fisherman will tell you that they prefer pan fried fresh Walleyes a lot more than even fresh west coast Salmon.  Its personal preference no doubt. For larger and bigger specimens on the line , a heavy leader is a very good and wise choice , since their teeth while not as big or large as pike’s  are every bit as hard on mono-filament fishing line.

The Worst Day Spent On the Water is Better Than the Best Day at Work:
Yet if there is one thing that can be said overall.  Walleye & Canadian fishing folk are a breed all to themselves.  Always remember that the best day spent at the office is never even as good as the worst day spent fishing when you arrive back at home camp with zero fish caught on the line.

Ashern Kimosota

Ashern is a well known and respected hunting & fishing guide with years of experience in the hunting and fishing sportsman’s paradise of the “Lake Manitoba Narrows” regions.  Whether its spring, summer & fall Walleye fishing or yearly hunting trips for American hunters out for plentiful waterfowl ducks & Canadian geese , Manitoba deer or even moose Ashern knows them all – all to well