Water Attractions Aren’t Just For Amusement Parks

One of the prettiest ways to improve the look of a home is to add a water attraction of some kind. There are several to choose from, including water fountains, koi ponds, small rock water cascades and many others.

The style you choose will be based on your personal preference of course, but also what works with the surrounding landscape. Once you’ve narrowed it down by those two categories, then you can look at what your budget can afford.

Cost of Future Maintenance
An important aspect to consider at this same time is the cost of future maintenance. This could include access to the pump, regular cleaning and making sure the plumbing is accessible for emergency repairs.

If you really want to enjoy it as a favorite hangout for family and friends, also make sure it’s not going to be a mosquito breeding plant. This means the water should be running or cycling on a regular basis.

With a water fountain, this happens automatically. However, with a koi pond or similar attraction, you might have to put other measures in place. Talk with a landscape specialist to see what they recommend and if you can surround it with plants that might also keep the mosquito population down.

Size of the Water Feature
The size of the water attraction will obviously be based on how much space you have available. However, if you talk with a creative landscape artist, they might be able to weave this into several areas of your property. With small connecting creeks or streams, you can make the most of your property and get the most out of this investment.

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In fact, something like this can significantly increase the value of the property. Not only does it add to the natural beauty, but it’s a feature that brings ambience and a certain effect to the general area.

Finding Water Feature Inspiration
If you want to see some examples of water attractions, you can find many online. Landscape magazines are also great sources for inspirational ideas and you might show one of them to your contractor. Once they see your idea, they may be able to offer more cost effective choices or eco-friendly alternatives that produce the same desired look.

These features work in a variety of places as well, including front yards, back yards and even inside your home. By keeping this in mind, you’ll start to see a lot more opportunities to enjoy the sound of running water throughout your home and property. If and when you decide to sell your house later, you’ll find you can ask more for the entire piece of real estate because of the additional water feature.

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