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When some women are little girls, they play with their dolls and pretend that the dolls are real babies. Little girls are taught that one day they will grow up to be mothers, and have real babies of their own to raise one day and call their own. However, not every woman is meant to be a mother, and sometimes the fertility of a woman can come into question. There may be circumstances that can affect whether or not a woman can have a child.

Ways To Tell If A Woman Is Fertile
Fertility Clinic

How A Woman Can Tell If She Can Conceive A Child

Little girls turn into teenage girls, and typically around the age of 13, a teenage girl will start to get her first menstrual cycle. This first period is the beginning of a woman’s fertility, and it is going to be what determines whether or not she can have a child because the egg she releases every month. However, a period does not necessarily mean she can conceive a child, and there are other ways a woman can tell if she is fertile or not, and here are some ways how she can tell:

•    Write down the menstrual Cycles:

Having a period is not enough to determine whether or not a woman can have a child, but how often she has her period and if it is consistent. When it comes time for a woman to decide to have a child, she has to start writing down when she does have a period because that is one of the questions that the gynecologist is going to ask.

•    Keep Track of Body Temperature:

A lot of different factors can determine whether or not a woman can have a child, and one of the biggest ones is body temperature. Every month when a woman ovulates, it can affect her body temperature. When the egg is about to release, a woman is going to notice that her body temperature has gone up a little, which means she can conceive. Keeping a calendar or paper of some kind with the temperature of her body, and when her temperature goes up, is one sure way for a woman to know she is releasing an egg every month.

•    Keep Track of the Length and Days of menstrual Cycle:

Not having a period is enough, and neither is releasing an egg, but what makes a woman know if she has good fertility is the fact that her periods are the same every single month. Timing is important when it comes to getting pregnant, and if a woman has periods, but they are very inconsistent, it may be a sign she has a problem and may not get pregnant like she hopes.

A woman may dream of having a child since she is a little girl playing with dolls. However, what is going to make difference is whether or not she has fertility issues or if she is normal. A woman can do things to see whether or not she is fertile like track all the information she can about her menstrual cycle and also keep track of her body temperature to see whether or not she is ovulating.