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Wear The Appropriate Clothing For Yoga

Yoga is a great way to keep yourself toned and a great way to exercise. However some of the positions you will have to get yourself into can be somewhat complicated, so it’s always an idea to make sure that you are wearing the correct clothing.

When choosing what to wear for your yoga class here are a few things that you may need to take into consideration:

The first thing that you should think about is the comfort factor; you need to make sure that the clothing you are going to wear needs to be able to allow you to move freely. Don’t wear anything that you can’t move around in as this can cause bodily restrictions and stop appropriate circulation of blood.

For your lower body clothing there are many types of pants that you can wear that are both soft and flexible, there are also shorts and three-quarter trousers. It can sometimes be better to wear shorts, as you can then see your ankles and knees. Being able to see your knees and ankles is useful in some positions when you need to check that they are properly aligned.

If you are a woman about to take up yoga then it is strongly recommended that you wear a good sports bra.
Normally yoga is undertaken with bare feet, however if you are going to join a class it isn’t uncommon for your instructor to ask you to wear socks or indoor shoes for hygienic reasons. It’s always good to find this out before you attend the classes.

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For your upper body clothing it is strongly advised that you should wear a t-shirt that is made out of organic cotton. As you will produce quite a lot of sweat throughout your yoga session, this fabric will absorb the sweat and offers great breathability. Staying away from yoga clothing which is grey is always a good idea, because as soon as you begin to sweat this will show up on the grey material. Many people wear grey and are shocked at how dishevelled they look when they’ve finished working out at the gym.

Don’t buy clothing that you don’t feel comfortable in; you need to feel good and positive in what you are wearing, this giving you a positive vibe to help you succeed in your yoga sessions.

When you feel comfortable and confident you can go to your yoga class and get the most from your new and exciting hobby.

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