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Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Not Break The Bank

When planning a wedding, you need to make sure that your guests will enjoy in your event. You have to think about their overall experiences. This is how you make your event unique and special. If your guests cannot enjoy, there is no point to spend so much time on planning the event.

When it comes to the wedding favors, you would also want your guests to take these tokens home. You can search for some unique gifts for them. Remember, you will still need to think about the overall experiences of your guests when choosing the favors. You may also want to make sure that they will not be too expensive. Here are some ideas you can consider.


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Do you want your guests to have fun in your wedding? You can choose things such as bracelets as your wedding favors. Make sure that they will be colorful and beautiful. Usually, they are made from interwoven fabric. This can be perfect for a beach event. There are brides and grooms who will want to go for a more formal function. You can choose bracelets which are made from metal in this case. If the bracelet is a beautiful and elegant one, your guests will want to use them after your wedding. Remember, you should never put your names of them. Otherwise your guest may not want to use them! The bracelets are not expensive. You can even get some discount prices if you are going to order them in bulk.

Arts And Crafts

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You can make the wedding favors special by choosing some art and craft gifts. It will be even more perfect if you love arts and crafts. You may think that these favors will be extremely expensive. It is not really true. You can find inexpensive items from your local flea markets. Glass vases can be something perfect. You can put your names on the vases. This is something very unique. There are brides who will host a beach wedding. You can still choose vases in this case. Yet, you may want to fill the vase with sand and shells. On the contrary, you will need a simple vase if you are going to host a spring garden event.

Scented Candles

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This is something popular when it comes to wedding favors. Candles are always useful and functional. Besides, they are not expensive. You will never break the bank when you choose them as the small tokens for your guests. It is possible to find them in party favor shops. It is never difficult to find them.

Although it is easy to find these scented candles, you will probably want to add your personal touch to them. Using ribbons is one of the methods. You can even order your own personalized ribbon. This will also help you to personalize the candles. Your can just put the ribbon around the candle.

There are a lot of unique wedding favors that are not expensive. You can even look for some wholesale wedding favors. Bear in mind that you need to consider the shipping cost when you order. You will never break the bank if you can spend enough time to search for these gifts!

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