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Weight Loss In 15 Minutes Or Less: A Few Tips

Weight Loss in 15 Minutes or Less: A Few Tips
Losing weight is hard. The hardest part about losing weight can be finding the time to workout and follow a consistent diet program. Dieting sucks – it’s a self-imposed limitation on oneself that prohibits us from enjoying deserts and simple treats in life. Another problem people have in losing weight is lack of energy at the end of the day to train – our busy schedules often are just too overwhelming – pick up the kids, run to the market, make dinner, etc.

The good news is that there are some quick, easy weight loss tips for all of us who have busy lives. And not only will these tips take less than 15 minutes, they don’t require a gym membership, an intense training regimen or a whole lot of personal sacrifice.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day
While we sleep, our metabolism is at its slowest rate and burns much fewer calories than if we were out doing something active. A simple rule to fast weight loss is to avoid carbohydrates at the end of the day. If you must, replace a carb at the end of the day with a vegetable. Good choices include broccoli, spinach, cabbage, or even iceberg lettuce for an ultra low-calorie option.

Walk the walk
Depending on where you live, this one may require a bit more planning, but if you have an opportunity to walk, do it. Walk instead of drive; take the stairs instead of an elevator, park far away in well-lit parking lots when you go shopping. Walking a mile on flat ground should only take you 10-12 minutes – and if you live in a busy city, it would be faster to walk than it would be to drive and find/pay for parking! Walking is a simple way to burn extra calories during your everyday routine. It doesn’t have to be power walking – just a normal walking pace of 2.5-3 mph. If you live far from your work, you can also park your car a few blocks away or get off the bus/subway a few stops earlier.

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Lower Your Carbs
Carbohydrates are our body’s fuel source – but many people simply consume far too many carbs – especially in the form of simple refined carbohydrates. How many carbs do you need – use this carb counter (Link: http://www.healthcalculators.org/calculators/carbohydrate.asp). Cookies, crackers, and biscuits are all forms of “bad” carbs that should be avoided or limited. “Good” carbs are whole-wheat product, veggies, and other naturally occurring foods. Try limiting carbs at certain meals or even cycling them on days you don’t workout or are as active.

For a good low-carb lunch, try a turkey club using lettuce instead of bread. And for dinner, grilled chicken and a side salad hit the spot or how about a taco salad without the fun tortilla bowl?

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