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When you hear the term ‘pressure switch’ it is likely to trigger some kind of familiarity in your mind but nevertheless you might not be able to describe what it does and how. There are an extremely high amount of different functions in varying places and industries that make use of pressure switches and they carry out an important task in many types of machines. A pressure switch has for a very long time proved a vitally useful tool in stopping the possibility of an accident before it has a chance to develop.

What job do they do?
The job that a pressure switch is responsible for is, in essence, to draw attention to the moment when there is a certain amount of pressure reached within a device’s system. At the point when this degree of pressure has been reached the pressure switch works by reacting to the change, though sometimes it calls for someone to step in at this point rather than responding automatically. With so many pieces of machinery around that include an amount of pressure in the whole process they go through it is easy to see how frequently used pressure switches are.

All of the kinds of machinery that need to control their amount of pressure have to include something that makes it clear when there is too much present. This is where a pressure switch can instigate the sound of an alarm to bring attention to the fact there is an excessive degree of pressure. As pressure switches are used in such a range of machinery this can include keeping a watch over the level of pressure connected to liquid, gas or numerous other substances.

How different types work
As mentioned, there are pressure switches that require manual action at some point rather than working automatically and with these types the switch is very simple to use. If the level of pressure in the device has exceeded what could be considered a safe amount and the alarm goes off then it is not a difficult process for somebody to operate the switch and this is very useful in such a situation.
Other specifications however are designed to work automatically at this point and when they are linked in with a computer-operated system you will often find that a microswitch is utilised. The technology works by signalling to the switch that the machine needs to allow a shutdown.

Article written by Michael Silverstone on behalf of the pressure switch supplier