What Are The Best Ways To Lift Weights Safely?

What Are The Best Ways To Lift Weights Safely?

Did you know that Paul Ryan shirtless was googled nine times more often than keyword searches related to his budget and his campaign bid to be Vice President? The Vice President candidate’s P90x regiment is legendary and has put fitness on the forefront of the campaign trail. It’s no secret that Americans are constantly trying to get back into shape. The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and new programs and gyms are turning up each day. However, with that in mind, many wonder what is the best way for Americans to get into shape? Evidence indicates that American better get their weight lifting gloves on.

According to most fitness experts, optimal fitness is obtained through a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Lifting weights builds lean muscle, which will help you burn more fat and get leaner. From Dr. Oz to Men’s Health, they all agree that you must lift weights if you want to lose weight and get more fit. Unfortunately, many Americans who enter gyms will not keep with their memberships for very long and ultimately quit. So what can people do to safely lift weights and enjoy the benefits of strength training?

Discovery Health has written a good guide on how to safely lift weights and not get burned out. Here is what the fitness experts say you should do to get fit lifting weights and not suffer any injuries or mental fatigue:

  • Go slow. Don’t try to make huge gains too soon. If you do you will most likely get disenfranchised with your lack of results and you’re at risk of injury as you’re not keeping good form by trying to lift too much.
  • Use the right equipment. Weight lifting gloves and belts are good ways to prevent calluses and other injuries that might occur if you’re not careful when you lift weights.
  • You have to diet as well. Lifting weights is great, but if you go to McDonalds after your workout, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You do need to eat after you work out, but many people are misinformed on how much. A glass of chocolate milk provides the necessary carbs and proteins needed after a workout.
  • Have fun. All too often, when we go to the gym, we think of it as a chore. If we associate working out with work, we most likely won’t stick with it. Weight lifting can be and should be fun. Remember, you’re doing this for you. Enjoy yourself!
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