What are Wheel Spacers and Should You Use them?

What are Wheel Spacers and Should You Use them?


If you want the wheels on your car or truck to be located farther away from the vehicle’s body, wheel spacers can do the trick. These round metal parts are installed between the vehicle’s hubs and wheels to create the desired space. They can be obtained from groups like Titan Wheel Accessories. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to add wheel spacers to your vehicle.

Better Performance

Wheel spacers can work to improve a vehicle’s performance in certain driving situations. This is especially true when a better vehicle stance is needed to round corners more efficiently or make U-turns. Traction of the tires can also be improved when wheel spacers are installed.

An Improved Appearance

With the improved stance of the vehicle that wheel spacers provide, the appearance of your car or truck can also be enhanced. Wheel spacers are particularly ideal if you want your vehicle to look more aggressive and masculine. With the wheels pushed out to the side, your car or truck will also have a more unique appearance than other vehicles on the road.

Cost Savings

Having wheel spacers installed can save you money over buying wider tires. In fact, many retailers that sell wheel accessories can offer you wheel spacers that are considerably cheaper than new tires. Wheel spacers can also increase the lifespan of any additional tires that your vehicle might have.

Safety Enhancements

Wheel spacers can even keep you safer while driving in certain cases. Along with improving tire traction, these parts are known to prevent rollovers. The overall vehicle stability is improved thanks to the wheel spacers’ ability to enhance the vehicle’s stance.

Caveats to Consider

In addition to all of the advantages that come with installing wheel spacers, there are certain factors to consider that might affect your decision to purchase these parts. Wheel bearings might wear down prematurely when wheel spacers are on the vehicle. In certain instances, you’ll need to put in more effort to making turns because of the increase in scrub radius. If you decide to install these parts, you’ll want to review your local laws and vehicle warranty information to make sure that you’re not violating any terms by having wheel spacers.

Wheel spacers come with many wonderful advantages, but there may also be cause for concern when you put these accessories on your vehicle. Weighing the pros and cons carefully can help you make the wisest decision as to whether or not to install wheel spacers.

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