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We now live and work in a global economy that is increasingly interconnected. More and more employees work remotely, and often across great distances. Technology has responded by providing the means for both clients and coworkers to collaborate in a very direct manner. HD Teleconferencing is an affordable, efficient and “green” way for corporations to stay connected.

The return on investment for teleconferencing technology is almost immediate and we are certain of the numerous intangible benefits as well. Here’s what teleconferencing can do for your business.

Save Money on Travel Expense

Whether you are a small regional company or a large multi-national corporation, there are decided benefits to utilizing teleconferencing. Considering the cost of business travel, a teleconferencing product can pay for itself in just a very short period of time. Who wouldn’t want to save money while also staying connected?

Go Green

In addition to the cost savings, cutting down on employee travel directly impacts the environment, as employees are no longer burning fossil fuels to attend meetings and conferences. Teleconferencing can be a part of any organizations attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.

Global Connection

So many companies have a global presence these days that it becomes extremely difficult to remain connected throughout the organization (think if the people from the movie “Star Wars” wouldn’t have visual polygrams). Teleconferencing allows offices from all over the world to connect in a real and meaningful way, putting faces to names and helping to build corporate unity and brand across great divides.

Gauge Your Audience

Being able to effectively read a coworker or client’s facial expressions is invaluable (just think about how much body language or facial expression helps you determine a persons actual mood). You cannot place enough emphasis on the ability to see the reactions of your clients or coworkers when making a sales pitch or presentation. So much gets lost on simple conference calls or web-share meetings. HD teleconferencing can assist you in dynamically responding to your audience in a personal and effective manner (the best way to do it).

Whether you are a small consulting firm, large company or a non-profit corporation looking to expand its reach, teleconferencing technology can help bridge the distance gaps and effectively connect you with your audience. Providea is an award-winning provider of the latest solutions for managed HD video conferencing and telepresence solutions. Staying connected, efficient and focused in today’s world is a must. Let Providea make it a reality.

Article by Jet Russell. In his spare time Jet likes to contribute to the blogosphere on a wide array of topics including everything from logistics to marketing to business.