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What Can You Do To Reach Your Goals by the End of the YearAs we head into the final quarter of 2013, you want to get more accomplished other than handing out nifty candy at Halloween, eating some delicious Thanksgiving turkey, and buying some ridiculously overpriced Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Imagine how you could feel if you actually committed to – and achieved – some real goals for yourself, so that you actually had some real things accomplished by the time 2013 draws to a close? It would be much better, after all, than simply making New Year’s resolutions to put off your goals until next year. So how do you do so? Here are some life coaching tips, courtesy of

Write down your goals

Putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – is one of the most compelling ways you can make your goals real. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to write them down first to make them more real. There is a reason putting things in writing has a real power to it. You do not have to do anything fancy – simply write your goals down on a piece of paper, or even in Windows notepad. Just write down your goals, and review them regularly.

Don’t be too ambitious – but reach beyond your comfort zone

Let’s face it – if you owe $30,000 in debt, you are not going to get out of it in three months, unless you have a house to sell or inherit a fortune. You can make a goal to get rid of that debt, sure, but split up that goal into realistic chunks that you can do.  For example, you could start on the road to financial freedom by coming up with a written budget, paying for everything in cash and not ringing up further debt, and curtailing expenses. But figure out a certain amount per month to pay off the debt, as opposed to figuring that you will pay off $30,000 all at once.  You want to set long-term goals, but break it down into short-term goals.

Reward yourself for reaching short-term goals

When talking about that money example, you want to treat yourself each time you reach a short-term goal. Of course, though, life coaching experts would say that you would not want to do something that could hurt your goal. So don’t go charge $500 on a credit card when paying down your debt. But it would be okay to do something for yourself. Having a nice afternoon in the park may be a nice mini-reward for reaching the short-term goal.  Try to do something to make yourself appreciate how hard you have worked.

Get some accountability partners

There is a reason that groups like Weight Watchers and other groups can help people reach their goals – people working together, and supporting each other, may find it easier to reach a common goal. So why not talk about how to support your friends and loved ones when they make their own goals. For example, if you want to exercise, you can work out together with your friends. Planning fitness times together can keep you both accountable – and find you companionship as well.

Get a life coaching expert

Working with a life coach can help you set realistic goals – and make you feel more accountable, and better on track for your goals. Good luck.