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What Do You Look For In An E Cigarette?

Many former smokers these days are turning to the E cigarette so that they can enjoy their old habit without the worry of the ill effects of the byproducts of burning tobacco. I don’t know that there are as many brands of E cigarettes on the market as there used to be actual cigarettes; but if they haven’t caught up yet, I’m sure they’re not very far behind. I’m not a regular smoker of traditional cigarettes, yet I am actually quite intrigued by the idea of smoking a battery operated, pleasantly flavored faux cigarette!

How Do You Tell One From The Other?
As with regular cigarettes, every brand of E cigarette is a little different from all the others; albeit marginally. Cost seems to be a big factor, and when considering this one should probably remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Starter kits that run somewhere in the vicinity of about $60.00 are more likely than not a good quality kit at a good price. And while we’re on the topic of cost, you will probably notice that once you have your starter kit smoking E cigarettes will cost you far less than smoking the old fashioned kind used to.

What’s That Exotic, Fruity Scent?
Not only do E cigarettes not have that nasty ash dropping off of them at the most inappropriate moment, and of course they don’t have the harmful to tar resulting from inhaling burning tobacco leaves, but they come in a multitude of tasty flavors as well. No longer will your girlfriend have the excuse that you stink like an ashtray for not kissing you. She’ll have to come up with something else. Your clothes won’t smell like smoke anymore either; won’t that be refreshing change of pace for your closet? From now on, any offensive odor coming off you is going to be of your own doing; you won’t be able to blame it on your cigarettes ever again.

“Pardon Sir, There’s No Smoking In Here”
Yes, well no worries my good man because I’m not smoking. In case you hadn’t heard, this is water vapor, not smoke. And I’m not inhaling… I’m vaping. Man, I would love to be the one to get to say that to some snooty little less than minimum wage waiter at some hoity-toity, fancy-shmancy restaurant. Of course they’d probably kick me out any ways just for being an ass – but still. I’m not quite sure how they went about it but some no smoking facilities are somehow managing to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in their establishments which in my opinion is nothing more than being nitpicky, snitty and spiteful. Just a word to the wise; check before you ‘fire up’!

Characteristics Of A Quality E Cigarette
In case you’re relatively new to the aspects of electronic cigarettes, here are just a few of the things that you might want to keep in mind as you’re shopping around. As discussed earlier, they should be affordably priced and whereas it’s not required, it’s always preferable to be able a try something risk free, without obligation. A money back guarantee goes a long ways in assuring a customer’s satisfaction as well. Of course there will more likely than not be a certain time frame limiting that guarantee. There should be a vast array of delicious and appealing flavors, it would be nice if the particular brand encouraged the longevity of the battery that it uses and an abundance of vapor production will give you more of a sensation (and look) of actual smoking.

Are E Cigarettes Still Marginally Harmful?
Harmful is a nasty word, though you do have to keep it in mind even when using electronic cigarettes. The fact that these contain nicotine in varying dosages makes them fall under the possibly harmful category. Nicotine is a drug after all and it is addictive. It also has been known to possibly cause reproductive issues such as birth defects.

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Well, you would’ve quit smoking if you’re pregnant anyway, wouldn’t you? I would certainly hope so. This undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that the FDA refuses to back the E cigarettes up. I’m pretty sure they do back plenty of drugs that, if taken in abundance while pregnant, would be far more harmful. I will, however, leave ranting on the FDA for another day.

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Now that you know what to look for in a good E cigarette, you should have a slightly easier time making your choice. And if you’re a cigar fan, be patient – E cigars are on the way!

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