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What does a corporate lawyer in New York do?   The fact is, they do what any corporate lawyer anywhere would do, but for the corporate lawyer, New York is a virtual hot bed of never ending clients.   Why?  The reason is in the very term itself.  A corporate lawyer deals with the corporate world, and is there any where truly more corporate than New York?  Most would be hard pressed to find anywhere more so, though some areas of the country come close, there is no denying that New York is a definite corporate powerhouse, and that dictates that attorneys specializing in the corporate arena are in high demand.   What these attorneys actually do, however, depends greatly on their level of experience.

What Does A Corporate Lawyer In New York Do?

Interns and New Graduates

These entry level corporate lawyers in New York work hard, but of course in a place like New York they have the opportunity to play hard as well.   They likely never see the inside of a courtroom, as is actually the case with many experienced corporate attorneys.  Their days are spent researching and writing so that the lead attorneys can be prepared to win the case, close the merger, or make the deal.  The term days may be broad, as these worker bees work at all hours of the day and night.  Their main role is to provide the lead attorneys with the information needed to win the case for their corporate clients.

Midlevel Staff Attorneys

These are the ones who generally fight the battles.  They answer to the clients and to the partners.  They are assigned cases from partners and they are expected to win them.  Whether they are defending big drug companies or a major food service client that is being sued for food poisoning, their job is to make sure the big guy wins.


These are the head honchos that run the show.  They make the decisions as to which clients to take and to which attorneys they are assigned.  They ensure that clients are satisfied and represented to the firm’s fullest ability, regardless of the specifics of the case.  Most often they develop lasting relationships with the CEOS of the corporations they represents based on the mutuality of their need for each other.

Basically, a corporate lawyer in New York represent corporations in many types of cases.  They deal with mergers, defense, acquisitions, and any other legal need a corporation may have.  Many corporations keep an attorney on retainer, as the need is often ongoing for various reasons.   Corporate lawyers work hard so corporations can focus on running their business rather than being bogged down with legal issues that may arise. To learn more about corporate law, visit

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