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Doing eye makeup is not very easy to do especially for those who are just new in using and applying makeup. Though there may be lots of video tutorials in the Web, it is still better if you know a few more things about eye makeup.

Eye makeup – what is it composed of?
When talking about eye makeup, this includes putting different shades of eye shadow using a good brush set like the EcoTools Eye Brush Set, drawing a stroke using the eyeliner, curling lashes with eyelash curler and thickening them with mascara. These makeup items may all sound dear to the ears, but they sure are one of the delicate materials to use when doing your makeup.

To some, it is quite complicated to put eye makeup on especially when they don’t have any idea about the things to use and which steps to follow. Hence, this is the chance to present eye makeup one by one.

Eye Shadow
When it comes to choosing the color of eye shadow, the goal is to let the eyes stand out and not let people only notice the eye shadow itself. To achieve this, what you need are eye shadow colors that will compliment both your eye color and skin tone.

When you have brown eyes, it is better to apply metallic colored eye shadow like gold, silver, copper, bronze and others as it will emphasize the eyes more and adds more shine. For black eyes, it is preferable to use lighter shades to make the eyes look lighter. As for blue eyes, dark purples and darker shade of blue will definitely do the trick to make the eyes look sparkling.

Eye Liner
The eye liner definitely serves as a magic trick for women. It could make the small eyes look bigger and the big eyes smaller.  You may even notice a big difference on the looks if the eyeliner is removed. But like other eye makeup, eye liner is yet another tricky tool to use. What you need here is the total control of your hand while holding the eyeliner and making sure that both eyes have the same stroke.

Another thing to consider is to prevent the eye liner from smudging as it can get messy and even horrifying when it smeared. So when worse comes to worst, just be prepared with clean cotton or tissue and wipe the smeared eyeliner off to clean the area.

Eye Lash Curler
Some ladies are afraid to use the eye lash curler as they fear to pull their eye lashes out and possibly hurt their eyes. But in reality, using an eye lash curler doesn’t hurt and it actually makes your eyes look wider and even more flattering.

To accomplish luscious lashes, do not just simply clamp the curler on your eyes. Let it slide towards the end of the lashes as you continuously hold the curler onto your lashes. With that, you get the perfect pair of curled eyelashes that will really compliment your eyes.

Of course, after curling those lashes, it would not be complete without applying ample amount of mascara on. Mascara aims to make your lashes look thicker and longer. This actually works wonders for those who are blessed with shorter lashes.

When applying mascara, one must remember to remove excess mascara off the brush so it won’t produce clumping on the lashes. And if in case there are any mascara smudges around the eye, clean it with a mascara remover and clean cotton bud.

Other than knowing those major eye makeup items, you also need to invest on reliable eye brushes like the EcoTools Eye Brush set, brow brushes and even concealer for hiding those dark circles. At the end of the day, nothing beats natural beauty but it also wouldn’t hurt if ladies get to be experimental and adventurous when it comes to using makeup, especially for the eyes.

Lynn Anderson knows that the eyes are the focal point for everyone. She always wants her eyes to look really good.