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What Is So Great About A Jack The Ripper Tour?

If you are travelling to London and know about Jack The Ripper then the chances are you will want to check out one of the many walking tours of London following the tracks of Jack The Ripper. For those who dont know about this serial killer, he was given the name as he was never actually identified and to this day there are many thoughts on who was this crazed serial killer. But if you are considoring taking this tour you should probably have a better background on the story and what to expect.

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So Where did the name come from?
The name actually came from a hoax letter  to the police where someone was claiming to be Jack The Ripper, and some believe the press might have written the letter in order to blow the story up. Other names that were associated to the killer were “The Whitechapel Murderer” and the “Leather Apron”, none so effective though as “Jack The Ripper”.

What did he actually do?
Simply put, he killed prostitutes in the East End of London, confirmed estimates are 5 but this could easily be more as there were actually 11 similar murders in the area. His preferred method was by cutting their throats prior to doing some pretty awful things after. He would often remove bodyparts of the victims, which lead many people to believe he was a very good surgeon. Truth betold no one really knows if it was a man or a woman but there are many myths, some believe that the killer was a sailor who would kill when his boat was in dock.

So why take a tour like this?
With the interest in gory stories and the success of the Madame Tussauds London Dungeons it is no suprise that this tour has been incredibly succesful and operates almost daily in London with large crowds taking the tour across East London. But why? People love a good scarey story, of course this story is true but people like to feel frightened and this story certainly does that. The tour will take you along the route that Jack The Ripper took and will show you the spots where his five victims all lost their lives to this crazed killer. You will also be taken into the pubs where it is believed that the killer drunk along with his victims before killing them.

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