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Most drivers know that they need a driver’s license and insurance to meet their states legal requirements for driving, but this isn’t always the case. In certain situations, drivers will need additional documents to prove they are legally allowed to drive. Documents like the SR-22 are a requirement for drivers facing certain penalties for misconduct while driving. Read more to learn more about the SR-22 and its requirements.

What is the SR-22?

In the event that a driver’s license has been suspended, the SR-22 document or the Certificate of Financial Responsibility verifies that the suspended driver has purchased vehicle insurance coverage. This SR-22 is a requirement for an individual with any of the following situations: multiple traffic offenses, license suspension, similar moving violations like DUI, or violations for failing to maintain mandatory insurance coverage. Individuals that are required to get the SR-22 document will receive a notification by mail from the DMV. The insurance company charges a fee after issuing this SR-22 certificate.

Understanding the Terms of an SR-22

While the terms for the SR-22 will vary by state, one must retain the SR-22 in addition to their insurance policy for three years. If this insurance policy lapses, the driver must notify their insurer and/or the DMV. Until this insurance is reinstated, the driver’s license will be suspended. Once the obligations for the SR-22 have been met, the SR-22 will no longer be required.

When an SR-22 is Necessary

Drivers wondering if they will be required to get an SR-22 should consider any situations where their driving privileges have been suspended or revoked. For example, this document is required for drivers involved in accidents or traffic offenses. In the event that drivers in such situations aren’t able to show fiscal responsibility, they will need to get an SR-22. Once a driver is informed they need this document, they need to contact their insurance company to file this information with their state.

Why You Need to Keep Your SR-22 Current

When the SR-22 lapses, the insurance company contacts the DMV. At this time, a driver experiencing a lapse in their SR-22 coverage will likely experience an increase in penalties along with having the suspension of their driving privileges. In the event that this happens, a driver must update their insurance policy, file another SR-22 document, and pay the filing fine. To avoid having to deal with the penalties and fees, drivers should keep their SR-22 current.

With the proper SR-22 coverage, drivers will know that they meet the necessary requirements in every situation. Keep this information in mind if you are required to get an SR-22 document.