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A few years ago, it’s onerous to seek out a Mac PDF Editor for editing a PDF file on a Mac OS X computer. Thanks to the efforts of the application developers, we have a tendency to currently have a lot of PDF editor software designed for Mac OS users. Nevertheless, here comes a tangle, what is the best PDF Editor for Mac OS X? Most users would say that Adobe Acrobat is the best Mac PDF Editor, is it the right PDF Editing program and suitable for you? Affirmative, Adobe Acrobat X professional is well known as the most powerful PDF Editor tool for a giant project. However, most folks would solely make little modifications. Then outlay many hundred greenbacks for a PDF Editing tool is employing a sledgehammer to crack a nut. So there are some other best PDF Editors for Mac is listed as below.


1.  Best Paid PDF Editors for Mac

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac: $49.95, this is a creative PDF Editor program for someone to edit PDF file on a Mac OSX including MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro, etc. Aside from editing normal PDF file on Mac, it can also help you easily edit password protected PDF documents, and even it can remove the watermark from PDF that leads you to edit PDF file without any restrictions. In addition, it also gives you one option to edit PDF in Word by converting PDF to Word Mac OS X. Most of all, it allows you to have a life time free try.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac$99.95, a professional PDF Editor application that acts both PDF Editor and PDF Converter for Mac software. It means that it allows you to export your PDF files as various document format after the editing is done, such as PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to EPUB, PDF to Image, PDF to HTML, PDF to PowerPoint for Mac, and so on. Also, it helps you edit a scanned PDF file with few clicks.

If you are searching a professional but inexpensive PDF editor and converter tool, iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro is the best choice for you.

2.  Best Free PDF Editing tool for Mac

Preview: if you are using a Mac OS X, you will find that Preview is built in your computer. It allows you to make some simple editing in your PDF file, such as annotating the text in the PDF, add note to PDF, add a link to some text and high some text if you want. But it is a really limited PDF editing program.

Skim: another free PDF editor for easily reading your PDF documents on Mac, also it allows you make some editing for your PDF text, such as make some annotations for your PDF, even it allows you to make more editing including highlight PDF text, add note to PDF and underline PDF text. Using Skim you can easily find your PDF and browse your note. It will work well for editing PDF files.

If you won’t to pay any for getting a PDF editor, the Preview and Skim can be the best choices for you.

3.  Best online PDF editor for Mac

PDFescape: an online PDF Editor that helps you open, edit your PDF file fill out your existing PDF form when you are offline. Nevertheless, this online PDF Editor will not allow you to edit a large number of PDF pages for one time. Anyway it’s free, so I would like to say it’s the best online PDF editing software for Mac OS X.

About the author:

Tom Brown is a technical content writer and software testing engineer for 5 years. He is well aware of pdf to word converter software for MAC OS. He tested this software  and he is well aware of its feature. If any user want to know about this software, he can follow on Google+