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What It’s Like To Be A Zookeeper

People think that a zookeeper’s job is quite easy. They believe that you just have to read facts about animals and you try to impart those bookish data to the visitors during the zoo hours. But it’s more than that. If you want to know what’s the common routine of people who work in zoos, this article might help you.

The Morning Ritual. Zookeepers start their day very early. Some of us thought that their job starts once the zoo’s gate opens. But that’s wrong. They need to feed the animals just like any other creature. This might be simple for some. However, you have to remember that different species require different diets. Zookeepers need to know which ones are perfect for their assigned animals. If they fail to do so, the animals might face huge danger. Not only that. These unsung heroes need to collect urine and feces samples most especially if the animals are under observation. It doesn’t stop there. They will have to record everything, from the food they eat to the behavior of the animals. Way to start the morning, right?

The Guests Come In. Most zoos open at around 9 or 10AM. Now, the zookeeper’s role is to entertain the guests. You should know that each zookeeper has their specialty. That means, they are knowledgeable on the things with regard to their assigned animals. Guests can ask questions and zookeepers should answer those based on facts.

This is actually a ‘breather’ of zookeepers from the hard core tasks.

The Whole Day Assignment. Zookeepers need to maintain the cleanliness of each pen. It’s an all – day task. They will need to sweep the pen as necessary. And during the night, that’s what they consider the general cleaning of pens. The zookeepers will have to move the animals to a different pen so that they can properly clean their usual hutches.

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After the Gate has been Closed. Usually, this is another zookeeper’s assignment. They are the night zookeepers. They are responsible for feeding the animals before they go to sleep. They will also have to prepare these creatures for their snooze time. Again, they will need to record everything.   

A zookeeper’s job is not simple. You need to have the heart to do it. You will need to have the compassion and you must love the animals not because you are getting paid for it, but because you just do.

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Kim Bookman is addicted to zoos. Animals calm her. Zoos are her haven. She takes her kids to zoos and they never fail to learn new things.

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