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What Makes A Good Excel Trainer?

Excel spreadsheets have become a standard feature in today’s business environment. Many business people have come to realise that a basic knowledge of Excel is needed, regardless of the job type or industry. From balancing a start-up’s budget to interpreting complex indicators, Excel is utitlised by many different people. There is a huge demand for training, whether a PA needs the fundamentals or a big-shot accounts executive wants to learn advanced Excel techniques. People want to know their way around the software, but they need a competent trainer to guide them along the way. Any Excel training search will yield a stream of results, but the question is: who is the best? Here are three pointers to help you find the trainer that’s right for you.

  • Certification?

Ideally, you need a trainer who has the required credentials. Certified trainers have undertaken reputable Excel courses, whether online or classroom-based. Look out for Excel Expert or MS Trainer certification, among others. Certification means that they know their stuff and that they’ll be able to share their knowledge with you. If you decide to go the private instruction route, then it’s essential that the trainer has extensive Excel experience, and that they know their way around the software. They should also be using the latest version of Excel.

  • Professionalism?

According to technojobs.co.uk, a professional Excel trainer will take their job seriously. They (or their affiliated accredited education provider) will do an assessment with you, in order to find out what you want to learn and why you want to learn it. The trainer needs to get an idea of what your aims are, so that they can offer you the right course. Professionalism can also be picked up during correspondence. Do they email or phone back promptly, do they seem organised and do they follow up with relevant information?

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  • Instruction?

According to technojobs.co.uk, being a trainer is like being a teacher. The same qualities that are found in a teacher should be looked for in a trainer, whether they are teaching you how to use software or if they’re helping you to learn a language. All trainers should have patience, good communication skills and be knowledgeable on their subject. Most importantly, they should be able to impart that knowledge to you in a clear and easy to understand way. They should enable you to retain information in a relatively short space of time (most Excel courses are only a day or two in duration).  According to CoachJim.com, all trainers should also be entertainers, as this helps with knowledge retention!

It’s possible to find the right Excel trainer if you base your search on certification, professionalism and the quality of teaching. Ultimately, having a good Excel trainer is essential to help you understand – and remember – your course material.

Ang Lloyd is a Cape Town-based freelance writer who writes on a wide range of topics, including IT and education, such as opportunities to study Excel courses online in Australia.

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