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Antique collection is a passion shared by people belonging to varied backgrounds from all over the world. People who have an artistic disposition invest considerable money for satiating this desire of theirs. However, the safe transport of various types of antiques requires a reliable mode of transport. Small-time dealers who have not yet established a full-fledged, thriving business can’t afford a truck or a carry van to transport their belongings from one place to another. Therefore, a bike remains the only viable means of transport for these struggling dealers.

If you or one of your acquaintances is associated with the antique business, Harley bags would serve as the ideal motorcycle luggage for you! The discussion outlined below will serve to prove this premise.

1. Exceptionally Firm Exterior
Harley saddlebags have an exceptionally firm exterior that grants an enormous degree of shape retaining ability to the bag. Moreover, these bags have a built-in hard body that is entirely lined with a metal frame which in turns adds to the bags’ strength making them durable enough to carry a porcelain vase.

The back of all Harley Davidson bags is manufactured from high quality fiber glass plastic that affords exceptional shock and impact resistance thereby, protecting the fragile antique ware from cracking or breaking.

2. Universal Fitting
All varieties of Harley Davidson saddlebags are manufactured in such a manner that they can be fitted to any model of bike. This aspect makes these bags ideal for all bikers regardless of what sort of motorcycle brand they own!

The state of the art fitting of Harley motorcycle bags also ensures that the bags remain firmly attached to the bike during both short and long trips, thereby assisting the biker to have a stress-free journey! This reliable fitting will also hold the bag’s belongings firmly in place, thereby preventing them from getting scratched or damaged.

3.  Easily Removable Hard-Mount Brackets
Hard-mount brackets that demand considerable strength on the biker’s part are troublesome and result in wastage of precious time. Moreover, the persistent pulling required for the dismantling of such hardware can cause significant damage to its accessories.

Fortunately, Harley motorcycle saddlebags have easily removable hard-mount brackets that require minimum energy and focus. Therefore, if you own one of these bags rest assured that your precious chinaware will not suffer from a single scratch!

4. Rot-Proof Stitching
It is noteworthy that saddlebags for Harley have internal rot-proof stitching which will prevent the external surface of your expensive antique items from losing their classical touch and splendor.

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