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Man’s Intrinsic Need for Protective Footwear
Amongst all the land-inhabiting mammals, man is by far the most tender- feet. Unlike the soft paws of the cats or the horny hoofs of a horse, Nature has not endowed him with cushion-like feet that would protect him from the burning sands, scorching heat or the stony ground. Therefore, driven by an impulse for survival and self-preservation, primitive man started making footwear out of materials that were naturally available to him such as bark, woven grass, leaves or animal skins.

The Origin of Motorcycle Boots
As civilization evolved, man became more creative, imaginative and started experimenting with various forms of footwear. With the boom of the automotive industry in the 1920s, the Shoe Industry in North America shifted its focus to the manufacturing of sturdy and durable motorcycle boots. As opposed to its counterparts, a motorcycle boot has several unique features that set it apart from the vast array of moccasins, pumps, sandals and sneakers available in the market. The following discussion will suffice to outline the attributes that are exclusive to biker boots:

Afford Protection to the Feet and Ankle Region
Ever since the time of ancient Romans, the average man undoubtedly prized personal well-being over other transitory, superficial concerns such as fashion or public appeal. From an analytical perspective, the modern man’s psyche is not much different from that of the ancient Romans; thus, contemporary bikers give precedence to a boot’s quality over its looks. The most popular variety of motorbike boots extend up to the ankles and protect the feet and the ankles from road debris, pebbles, sharp objects that are scattered around and broken bottles.

Motorcycle boots for men that have ‘toe caps’ made of steel or heavy duty plastic have remarkable shock absorption capacity and play a paramount role in protecting the sensitive regions of the feet from succumbing to abrasions, bruises, deep scars and potential fractures.

Impact Resistance Offered By Knee-High Biker Boots
Usually donned by stylish women, knee-high motorbike boots are quintessential in protecting the calf-region (the shins) from irreversible damage in the event of an unanticipated collision. Most motorcycle boots for women are lined with multiple layers of cushioning of varying densities that enhance their shock absorbing capacity.

Aesthetic Appeal Generated by Finely-Polished Leather Boots
Although protective function performed by biker boots should be the foremost consideration for every biker; nonetheless, aesthetic demands cannot be entirely dismissed as being frivolous. It is note-worthy that most women motorcycle bootsare manufactured either from pure or synthetic leather, which after the initial production step is painstakingly coated with different colored dyesthat inevitably, gives the boots their stunningly vibrant colors and durable mirror-like glossiness.

Added Grip Provided by Rubber Soles
One of the technical aspects that set durable boots apart from the rest of the generic variety available in the stores is the presence of optimal quality hard rubber soles. For sustaining an increased grip on the bike’s pedals particularly during a rainy day, even the macho-looking biker boots for men are mechanically stitched with hard rubber outsoles that have neatly trimmed heels and edges. These hard rubber outsoles are an observable feature of Harley Davidson boots: the manufactures at this prestigious company have established through trial-and-error testing that these boots will prevent your feet from sliding off the bike’s pedals at all costs.

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