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If you are an aspiring gymnast or a ballet dancer, you are probably aware of the immense pressure involved in living up to your coach’s or trainer’s expectations. Moreover, constant training for hours will quite likely drain your energy and contribute to a low glucose level. Additionally, dancers often complain about ankle pains and other forms of muscle sprains. Keeping your body well hydrated and getting plenty of rest will significantly reduce any physical discomfort.

However, without proper gear both ballet dancers and gymnasts will face increased discomfort thereby experiencing a decline in their performance or efficiency level. For dancers and gymnasts who use a bike for traveling to their training centers, premium quality motorcycle saddlebags would serve as the most reliable means of storing their gear. Discussed below are some of characteristics that make motorcycle bags the perfect luggage compartment for enthusiastic and upcoming dancers!

1)      Spacious and Easily Manageable
Most varieties of leather saddlebags are spacious enough to accommodate ordinarily used dancing apparel such as dancing shorts, tights and midriff T-shirts or blouses! Moreover, gymnasts can seldom survive without well-fitted leotards manufactured from high quality fabric. Aside from enhancing comfort, leotards add finesse to the dancer’s movements.

Regardless of whether you opt for straight or slanted style motorcycle bags, the weatherproof exterior of these bags will prevent your gear from becoming damp especially if you live in Seattle or other cities having high precipitation.

2)      Built-In Compartments
Some saddlebags have built-in organizer compartments that will enable you to comfortably adjust your dancing accessories such as hairnets, sweatbands for your head and wrist, Band-Aids and hairbands.

Moreover, if you’ve recently had a hair-cut and don’t want that profuse sweating to ruin your hairdo, you can also place a tried-and-tested hairspray in the inner compartment of your biker bag. The hairspray will keep your hair in place despite hours of laborious exertion thereby making you appear stylish and attractive even after an intensive training session!

3)      Lockable Zipper Pulls
Since it’s virtually impossible to keep your biker bag in view at all times, therefore make sure that you opt for a saddlebag that has lockable zipper pulls. It is noteworthy that for added convenience, most optimal quality biker bags have rust-resistant zippers that can be opened and closed with relative ease!

4)      Hard Saddlebags
To prevent yourself from dehydrating, make sure that you pack a flask or a large-sized water bottle in your biker luggageas well. Bags that have a firm, outer surface will prevent your water bottle or flask from breakage; therefore, make sure that you opt for one of the varied colored hard saddlebags available at various biker stores!

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