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Are you a first time business owner? This can become very overwhelming if you are not organized and do not set up all the proper systems and documents prior to hiring employees.  Many first time business owners do not realize there is more to running an actual business than the typical basics. Employees for one, play a big role in everyday operation for business. Here are a few things first time employers should familiarize themselves with when opening their business, ranging from an employee time sheet to employee labor laws.

Keeping Track of Time
Purchasing or creating a system that will keep track of your employees time will make your life easier and keep your employees on time.  These systems can range from an employee timesheet to a computer login used for clocking in and out. Organizing their time into a system will make it easy when payroll comes around because you will have the exact number of hours they worked documented making it unlikely to encounter any problems. However, if you do encounter payroll problems, those same documents will double as proof of when the employee was clocked in and out of work. This is also great for lunch break, so employees do not abuse their breaks by extending them.

Have Employee Guidelines
An employee handbook is a great tool and guideline. This will be a set of standards that employees can refer to and follow while working for you. One important thing to include should be a late and sick policy for employees. Many workplaces have point systems. For example, if an employee is late without calling they get a point, where if they call ahead of time they do not get any points. By implementing guidelines for employees to follow the workplace will run efficiently.

Know Employee Labor Laws
Have a copy of up to date employee labor laws; they will be come in handy. Being familiar with the employee labor laws are especially helpful when hiring a minor because anyone under the age of eighteen can only work a specific amount of hours weekly and when they are in school it changes. Employee labor laws will also make you more alert when scheduling employee hours and any conflicts you may run into with it.

Being a first time business owner does not have to be stressful or overwhelming, if you are prepared from the beginning. Be sure to have all the essentials when owning your business.

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