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What Not to Do When a Romantic Relationship is Fizzling

Dealing with a romantic relationship that’s turned somewhat stale can seem unpleasant. You should never assume that there’s nothing you can do about it, however. If you want to salvage your union, there are several things that you should actually avoid doing. Avoidance can actually do a lot to keep your union intact and alive.


Prying will get you nowhere. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you might not consider catching a cheater or coercing info from them through nagging and prying. Attempt to speak to your partner in an honest and open manner. Avoid coming across accusatory or hostile in any sense. Approach the conversation with an open mind and don’t make any assumptions.


Some people are tempted to retaliate and “get back at their partners” when times are tough. That’s actually the last thing you should do. If you want to save your romance, then you should treat your partner in a manner that’s chock-full of respect. Seeking “revenge” for a situation that may not even be your partner’s fault will get you nowhere fast.

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Betraying your romantic partner is never a wise approach. If your romantic relationship seems to be on its way out, you should make a solid decision. If you’re leaving, you’re leaving. If you’re staying, you should remain completely faithful. All betraying your partner will accomplish is making your situation a lot messier and more difficult to manage.

Behave in a Self-Destructive Manner

Behaving in a self-destructive manner can often be tempting for people who are in the middle of problematic romantic unions. If you’re interested in doing anything you can to pick up the pieces, however, you should refrain from behaving in ways that you simply know aren’t beneficial. Don’t turn to substance abuse, excessive partying, or anything else along those lines. It may be preferable to figure out what you can actually do to better your existence. The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll be as a partner in your relationship.

A dying romantic relationship can feel like a tragedy. It doesn’t have to be one, though. If you make a concerted effort to salvage your situation, you may be able to get everything back on track. It’s critical to have the cooperation of a partner who is genuinely invested in the union as well. Remember, a successful romantic relationship always has to go both ways. It can never be one-sided.

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