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If you are on a trip to Los Angeles there very first thing that you should be aware of are the transportation options.  Los Angeles being a very big city the sight and tourist spots are widely spread out. So if you want to go on a city tour you need to know your options well and in advance.

So, here are some options you can look forward to while you are on a tour to Los Angeles:

  1. Buses and public transport: You can reach to any place easily by public transport but it may sometimes take longer due to the waiting. The system may take much longer than the usual and if you are short of time it is just not going to work. You can take the metro route to travel to the places that are situated near them. But if the places are far off it would be good idea to look for some other means of transport.
  1. Rent a car: If you are on a holiday or vacation you can easily rent a car and go on a city tour. In order to know about the car rentals in details you can click here are compare the prices. Whether you drive the car yourself or get a driver it will be worth it. You can roam around the city at your own favourable time and can have a much better look and feel of the city.
  1. Shuttles from hotels: If you are staying in a hotel you can ask them the best ways to travel to the tourist spots. If they have their own transport or travel services it would be great. However you can also take hotel shuttles which will charge you the right prices and there are less chances of frauds. The hotels which are situated near the airport most of the times provide such services to the guest.  In many hotels there are scheduled times when the shuttles leave.
  1. Share rides with other passengers: Many companies offer a cheaper mode of service to passengers. Here you can hire a shuttle which works on a sharing basis. These services offer door to door service especially to and from the airport. If you hire any of these you can travel on cheaper rates in Los Angeles. Moreover you can also avail discounts if you book online. If you are travelling with a family or friends this can be a great option as you can share the costs.
  1. Taxis: The city of Los Angeles is pretty well served by nine taxi companies with many other companies serving the different parts of the city. These taxis are easily available and cover most of the area of Los Angeles. Those which have the official City of Los Angeles Taxicab Seal are regularly inspected insured and have trained drivers. So you do not have to worry about frauds or accidents.
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Author bio: A travel blogger by profession Nina also loves to share her experiences and tips on travelling with her readers. Los Angeles being one of her favorites through this article she shares her tit bits on the transportation options to make your stay much more enjoyable.