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When designing the layout of your garden shed, the first things you ought to consider is the roof. It’s probably one of the most vital components in the design of any structure. Roofs in a shed will play two pivotal roles. The first one and perhaps the most significant is to direct rain or snow down with the second one being merely an aesthetic one. Roofs will determine how pleasant a structure looks. For these reasons, it is crucial to choose a roof wisely before settling for one and having it installed.

What Roof Should You Choose For Your Garden Shed?

The decision on what kind of roof to use is dependent on several factors, which include use, budget, and location.

There are three main types of roofs flat, skillion and gable. Each of these comes with its unique pros and cons. In this article, we look at how to select a roof for your garden shed.

1. Gable Roof Shed

Most people choose this type of shed because of their aesthetics. It has two sloping sides, as well as a gable at each end. With this design, water is easily shed off and in the process avoiding water piling up on it, which subsequently damages it.

Benefits of this roof option, this roof offers several benefits to its users.

  1. It has a more extended headroom, which translates to more space for storage, especially items that are long and huge.
  2. Its design allows water to fall without causing it any damage.
  3. It is easy to construct.

This roof also has some disadvantages, which include:

  1. One requires a relatively large outdoor area to construct it.
  2. Water falls on two sides, which means you have to put this into consideration when building it.

2. A Skillion Roof Shed

This type of roof usually has a 150mm fall away from the front to the back of the shed. This ensures that rain water falls in the garden and not on the side of the house. This is ideal for homeowners whose spaces are limited.

Skillion roofs have several Advantages.

  1. They are perfect for sheds that are built next to a wall or a fence
  2. Suitable if you wish to have water drip in one direction
  3. Easy to construct

These are the disadvantages associated with this roof

  1. Not ideal for large storage
  2. It offers limited space

3. Flat Roof Shed

This is the perfect shed if you have limited space, as it can fit perfectly into tight spaces. All you need to do is get a nice flat shed designed for you.

Advantages for the flat roof shed

  1. Flat roof sheds are designed in a way it can fit in the tightest of spaces
  2. Thanks to the limited space that come with this kind of roof, you can install sliding doors, which are perfect for tight spaces, resulting in more space left for storage.
  3. You also get to enjoy plenty of flexibility
  4. They require minimal resources to put together and also occupy limited spaces, making them one of the cheapest roofs.
  5. Unless you are building one in crooked spaces, these roofs are straightforward to construct.

Some disadvantages of the roof

  1. You get limited storage space
  2. Not suitable for storing large items


There are lots of roofs to choose from for your shed. Each has its pros and cons, making it easier to decide on the type to go for. We believe through this piece that you will be in a better position to decide on the best roof type to go for.