What Superpowers Did Spiderman Steal From Bugs?

What Superpowers Did Spiderman Steal From Bugs?

The Amazing Spider Man doesn’t use original powers to fight off the baddies. He got them from a radioactive spider bite, and now claims numerous bug abilities as his own. Over the years, Spider Man has developed a lot of new powers, but here are the ones that he ‘stole’ from that original spider.

Wall Climbing

Spider Man has the ability to crawl up walls and on ceilings without falling. This beneficial skill keeps many insects out of harms way. It is also one of Spider Man’s original abilities granted when Peter Parker was first bitten by a radioactive spider. Spiders and other wall crawlies usually have small hair-like hooks on their feet which allow them to cling to microscopic crevices in walls. Presumably, Peter Parker also has these same hairs on his hands and feet.

Increased Strength

Another one of Spiderman’s abilities is an increased strength. Spiders and other bugs are known for having a great deal of strength for their body size. For instance, ants can lift up to 50 times their weight. However, this effect is due to scaling, which means that an ant the size of a human would no longer be super strong. A human the size of an ant would be really strong, like Ant-strong.

Increased Metabolism

The Spider Man also gains an increased metabolism, which not only helps keep him trim, it also helps him heal faster from injury and process poisons faster. Researchers know that insects have a high metabolic rate, but it’s still somewhat uncertain how they keep up this rate of caloric usage without dying. For instance, honeybees have a metabolic usage that is three times that of a hummingbird. Theoretically, Peter Parker should be eating almost constantly to keep up with his energy needs.

Improved Balance and Reflexes

Spiderman develops an improved balance to help him with all of his death defying moves. Spiders do have an improved balance over humans. However, this comes primarily from the spiders having at least three legs on the ground at all times. In fact, spiders lack balance, like all arthropods, and need four sets of eyes to help them get around. In the comics, Spider Man’s improved balance and reflexes should come from having extra eyes and legs. Some bugs do have fast reflexes that Spider Man could have borrowed. For instance, the Trap Jaw Ant has the fastest mandible strike of any other living creature.

Spider Sense

Spider Man also as an improved sense of potential danger that he calls his “spidey sense”. Spiders don’t have this sense in particular, but they do have a number of sense receptors to monitor vibrations, air currents, humidity, and even look for food. Spiders are also covered in small, fine hairs that help them sense these factors in their environments. Peter Parker could very well be using some of these extra senses to help stay alert for danger.

As you can see, Spider Man’s abilities do all tie into powers touted by spiders and other bugs. Some are a bit of a stretch, but any good fan can suspend his disbelief for the Spider Man. Another ability that Spider Man claims in comics are his web launching abilities, sometimes these webs are launched from canisters in his suit, and sometimes he is able to naturally launch a web from his wrists. Making webs is also an ability that spiders have, but it’s slightly exaggerated in the comics.

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