What The Colour Of Your Glasses Says About You

What The Colour Of Your Glasses Says About You

Colour psychology is the examination of the effects of different colours on our perceptions and attitudes. Whether you’re applying for a job in a position of authority or just want to flaunt your creativity, understanding the connotations of certain colours could make the difference. When choosing your glasses, an understanding of these messages could affect the way you pick the colour of your frames.

Classic black is the colour of choice for many people when it comes to clothing and accessories. Black is traditionally the colour associated with authority, stability and intelligence. As a traditional suit colour, black is popularly perceived as smart and efficient.  So, wearing a pair of smart black frames to the office could make the difference when getting that promotion.

White has several different meanings. As the wedding dress colour of choice, it naturally has connotations of purity and innocence but in terms of glasses, it can mean creativity and neutrality (much like a white board or blank sheet of paper). For an added boost of creativity, try a unique frame shape, such as cat eye, for a quirky twist.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, the only colour is red. Red has connotations of energy, excitement and movement, so someone wearing a pair of red shades would appear energetic and spirited. With these associations, the wearer would naturally exude confidence, so if you’re trying to make a good, lasting first impression, a pair of red spectacles or other red accessories could be the key.  Thick, angular frames would add to the impression of boldness and confidence.

As for blue, it has long be recognised as the colour of dependability, wisdom and loyalty, perhaps due to its cold, calm tone. It is interesting to note that many professional uniforms are blue, as they present an image of someone who can be relied upon. Strong blues are also believed to stimulate clear thought, like a clear blue sky. Equally, blue women’s glasses would be ideal for creating an impression of reliability.

Yellow may be seen as the colour of optimism (think of spring flowers and sunshine), and with optimism naturally comes positive thought and happiness. The brain is thought to release more serotonin when we see yellow, which stimulates positivity. So in the case of this luminous shade, wearing a pair of bright eyewear might lift your spirits, and those around you.  A pretty feminine frame style could project the right impression.

So, whether you’re on a first date or in an important board meeting, think about what the colour of your glasses could say about you, and choose carefully to create the right impression.

Written by Victoria for Direct Sight, supplier of cheap glasses online

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