What To Buy For The Man Who Has Everything

What To Buy For The Man Who Has Everything

Shopping for gifts can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but when trying to find presents for a fussy man in your life or those lucky ones who treat themselves to whatever they want whenever they want can be even more tricky. Here are some ideas to inspire your hunt for gifts for the man who has everything:

Magazine subscriptions
Getting something hot off the press means he’ll be the first to enjoy the new issue of his favourite magazine. Whatever he likes, there is bound to be a magazine for him keeping him up to date on everything he needs to know – and everything he needs to buy which he doesn’t have yet!

iTunes vouchers
Vouchers may sound like a bit of a cop-out in the imagination stakes, but why buy something he might just shove in the cupboard never to use again when you can treat him to a choice of whatever he wants? For music lovers or gadget fiends, the chance to load up their iPods with more music whenever it is released or splurge on those latest apps for their iPad makes iTunes vouchers the ideal solution.

Cookery lessons
He’s got all the kitchen gadgets, but does he know how to properly use them? Dining out at the swankiest restaurants in town may be a regular occurrence but there is something even more impressive about a man’s ability to cook up a storm in his own kitchen. The growing numbers of adventurous or alpha male celebrity chefs has helped make cooking cool again and you can inspire your other half’s own culinary adventures with a lessons and courses from professional chefs covering essential fine dining skills or even specialist lessons for his favourite type of food.

Charity gifts
The chance to give something back can sometimes be the most rewarding gift. If you’re shopping for someone whose shelves are already crammed full of books, records or gadgets, what’s the point in getting him something else he won’t use? For fun and guilt-free gift ideas, there are plenty of charity gifts which are bound to bring a smile to the face and bring plenty of satisfaction too. You can do a whole host of things with your money too, build a well in an African village, educate a child, sponsor an animal and more, all with certificates, photos and regular updates on progress.

Adrenalin experiences
Having everything is one thing, but doing everything is quite another. After all, life is about experiences as much as it is about material possessions and there are plenty of people who would surely trade in their gadgets in exchange for unforgettable memories. Jumping out of a plane, driving one of the world’s fastest cars, learning to fly a helicopter or diving with sharks – there is no shortage of activity experiences which make ideal Gifts For Men with an adventurous streak.

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