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Beautiful wedding flowers can help a bride and grooms big day to be amazing. When the wrong flower is put onto each table at a reception or a bouquet is purchased which isn’t what a bride wanted, a wedding will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Finding a florist is one of the many things which have to be done by a bride and groom. So that they don’t waste any time, here’s what to consider when looking for a wedding florist that can provide floral arrangements:

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Ask Friends and Family

Even after they spend a long time looking for a florist, a bride and groom might not find one that is exactly what they want. However, if a friend has recently gotten married, ask them about the florist who they chose. The photos which were taken of their floral arrangements can also be seen. By looking at the photos of the flowers which were in a venue or a reception, a bride might notice an arrangement which could be at her own wedding. Work colleagues might suggest a florist that they highly recommend. By asking as many people as possible if they know of a florist, they could mention someone that a bride isn’t aware of.

Know what’s Required

A bride is bound to know what flowers will be in the venue which her wedding will take place at. If a bride doesn’t know the name of the arrangements which she wants, ask a florist what they are. If a bride already knows what they are, they can ask a florist if they have them in stock. Consequently, a florist can be found which has plenty of floral designs and not just a handful.

If a bride isn’t aware of what she wants for her big day, look at magazines and newspaper cuttings to see if there are any which are similar. Even if there is no description of what they are called, the photos which a bride has collected can then be taken to a florist. By showing them, a florist could know straightaway what they are. A florist might even be able to recreate a floral arrangement.


A florist must be able to deliver the bouquets and arrangements to the venue which a wedding is taking place at. If flower delivery isn’t provided, it might be very difficult for a bride and groom or a member of their family to pick them up. Although a florist might charge a small fee for flower delivery, it is money well spent. Not only can flowers be delivered but a florist could also arrange them at the venue itself. Consequently, a bride and groom don’t have to do anything apart from paying for a floral arrangement as well as for delivery. Therefore, not only can a bride and groom budget for delivery but they won’t have to pay other costs, such as renting a car to pick up several large bouquets.

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