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Going for a holiday usually entails leaving all your worries and troubles behind. The last thing you want to think off is the possibility of anything going wrong when you are on a vacation. However, it is possible that not everything pans out the way you intend it to. There are always numerous unseen circumstances that can ruin the best holiday plans. For a tourist in a foreign land, there is nothing worse than losing your passport. Irrespective of whether the passport is stolen or you have forgotten it somewhere, it is safe to say that a missing passport is nothing but trouble.

Keep calm and think with a clear head
Upon realizing that your passport is missing, the most important thing is to keep calm and not panic. Admittedly, it may be easier said than done, but panicking at such a crucial juncture will only makes things worse, not better. Search everywhere to ensure that the passport has indeed gone missing. Very often tourists have raised a brouhaha over their missing passports, only to find them safely tucked away in the corner of a drawer or the inside pocket of their jackets. If you have confirmed that the passport is indeed missing, make an inventory of what you have and is anything else is also missing. The first thing you should look for is your cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards. If you were mugged, chances are that you may find yourself without a passport or any cash. Hence, it is recommended that tourists always separate their finances, so that not all their money goes missing together. Once you have secured the money, grab the photocopies of your passport and visa that should have been stowed separately.

File a complaint with the local police
If you are robbed or if anything goes missing, you have to file a complaint with the local police. If you do not, you will find yourself facing many hurdles in the future. In the best case scenarios, the local police have often helped tourists find their passport and avoid any further hassle. If your passport was found by someone, chances are they usually turn it in with the local authorities. Simply visiting a police station to register your case many help you find your lost passport. If not, you will need a copy of the police complaint to present to the embassy and your travel insurance provider.

Visit the nearest national embassy or consulate
Once you have registered a complaint with the local police, head to the nearest embassy or consulate. It is always a god idea to check out where the nearest consulate is before embarking on a holiday. You will be required to show a copy of the police report and the photocopies for your passport, visa and all the stamped pages on your passport. If you do not have photocopies, it will take the consulate a lot longer to issue a replacement passport. Remember that the embassy will only help you replace your passport and other travel documents; they will not provide financial help or a place for you to stay.

Losing your passport on a holiday can be an absolute nightmare. However, take the right steps and you should be able to recover or at least come in possession of a replacement passport from your country’s consulate. It is always a good idea to check if your traveler’s insurance covers the loss or theft of your passport.

This blog post is written by Susan Close. She is a travel blogger and gives essential tips regarding travel destinations and alot more through her website