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Not everyone wants a child. Although these days, many people think if you are in a relationship, and have been for awhile, but not trying to get married or have children then something is wrong with you. Do you relate? It is inevitable that you will get funny looks, questions from Grandma and your neighbors, but staying true to yourself just takes the right comment back.

The new happily ever after doesn’t always include a child. You can still have a great life without being a mother. If you are clear about not wanting a child, it may feel like everyone around you doesn’t understand. Here are tips to help you.

Ignore Guilt Trips
Guilt trips are part of the territory when it comes to not wanting to have a family. Your mother, and grandmother may think your choice is odd. In fact they may make comments like you need to carrying on the family name, and when this happens just smile and say, “Is this what you want or what I want? Because what I want is for you to honor my wish and leave this issue alone.” You may be wondering if you are letting down the family. But you don’t need to worry about that. As long as you are true to yourself you will be fine.

Ignore Societies Views
Your neighbors, in-laws, boss, even the coffee barista, may all wonder why you don’t want children. What ever they assume really should be of no concern to you. They may think you hate kids or you are waiting for Mr. Right, whatever the concern, let it be. Don’t look to society to make your mind up. You know how you feel and you stay true to that.

Take Care of Yourself
Sometimes when we get nasty and negative comments from other we tend to internalize them. Sometimes we become stressed out, tired or worse we stop taking care of ourselves. We may forget to eat a healthy meal, brush our teeth or even visit the dentist. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to get back on track, a routine teeth cleaning could just do the trick. Sometimes a teeth whitening can help. If you do this you will feel more confident and secure. Next time granny asks, “Why you don’t settle down,” You can smile with a glow and respond, I am happy, healthy and my life is great just the way it is.

For more health advice visit Tigard Family Dental, a dentist in Tigard OR. Shannon Kaiser is a wellness blogger and writer.