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I’ve had the unfortunate task of having to move over 15 times in the last 16 years. When my family moved from Qualicum Beach to Victoria British Columbia Canada, a friend remarked at how much crap we had. And we did. My father kept a lot of crap over the years. When you don’t move from one house to another in ten years, you’re bound to collect a lot of crap.

I had done this over the course of my 14 years living in Victoria and moving the same amount of times. For some reason, I had never thought about using a storage Victoria BC facility to store my crap.

And this the time where you first come to the realize that you are tired of moving all your crap and you need to either get rid of it, or store it somewhere.

What To Do With All That Junk In Your House

But for years the self storage business model has been the same. You pack up all your stuff, drive to the storage unit and store your stuff. This is a task no one looks forward to. Because no one look forward to this, many storage facilities lost numbers.

Enter a ground breaking new concept that would revolutionize the storage business model. A storage box would be delivered to your home and from there you could pack it up and your own pace. No more having to rent a truck packing it, driving to the facility and loading up your unit. Instead you can take your time loading your unit and you don’t have to rent a truck to move all your junk. The unit comes to you and is delivered then picked up. It’s a much more convenient solution and because of that the storage industry has increased sales.

Pods was the first company to implement this new convenient method of storage. Now there are few different mobile storage Victoria BC options and companies to choose from. Thank goodness for me because I am about to move in a few weeks. Looking at all the junk and thinking about moving it again was not a lot of fun and something I was dreading.

Thankfully I called U-Pak Mobile Storage and they are going to drop off a mobile storage unit in a couple of days. This gives me almost two weeks to move my stuff from the house into the storage unit. The nice thing is the unit is waterproof and covered so I don’t have to worry about the rain damaging all my items.

So if you’re looking for a mobile storage company in Victoria, I highly suggest U-Pak Mobile Storage.